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First Golden ATM in Kiev
Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH is successfully expanding its business activities in Ukraine, where the company is now the leading ATM provider based on the RBR Global Market and Forecasts to 2009 survey. Since 2002 Wincor Nixdorf with its partner "Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos" (Lithuania) has installed 1,000 ProCash ATMs in PrivatBank, Ukraine's largest retail bank. PrivatBank plans to expand its No. 1 position in the market by providing new and innovative services. The bank, which recently enhanced its ATM network, is now expanding its branch network and increasing its Visa and MasterCard business. PrivatBank has a leading 35.7 % share of the Ukrainian financial services market. Wincor Nixdorf ATMs are helping PrivatBank to achieve high customer satisfaction thanks to their nationwide availability, high functionality and range of value-add services. The advanced technology of the ProCash systems, ProTopas Software and ProView Enterprise Monitoring Systems, which are based on international standards such as EMV, provides PrivatBank the ideal competitive basis to adapt quickly to future market needs. Customers are currently able to use the mobile top-up services and to order the mobile prepaid service PRIVAT:Mobile at ATMs. In the future, they will also be able to conduct intelligent cash deposit transactions. A parther of Wincor Nixdorf Lithuanian company "Penkiu kontinentu bankines technologijos" together with a local partner Card Pack Systems (CPS) sold 1000 ATMs to PrivatBank. Professional post-sales support is provided by Wincor Nixdorf's representative office in Kiev together with its local partner, CPS. Wincor Nixdorf has hand over a Golden ATM to PrivatBank – its largest ATM customer in Eastern Europe – on March 4 at the Metrograd Trade Center in Kiev. Javier Lopez-Bartolome, Senior Vice President and Member of the Wincor Nixdorf Executive Board, has hand over the Golden ATM to Alexander Dubilet, Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank, to symbolize a golden future for both companies. About PrivatBank PrivatBank is the largest bank in the Ukraine und current market leader in terms of number of branches, installed ATMs, managed accounts and volume of Visa and MasterCards issued. Founded in 1992, the bank currently has 1,738 branches, 8,4 million private and 365,000 corporate accounts. It has more than 2,100 ATMs installed nationwide and employs more than 23,000 employees. In 2004, PrivatBank won for the second time in a row the Best Bank Award from Global Finance Magazine. From 1999 to 2002, it was awarded the Best Ukrainian Bank by Euromoney.
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