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Smarthouse economy and safety
The Smart House is featured with the latest technologies that assure not only security but also the economical way of living. Intelligent management of heating, ventilation, illumination and other systems ensures the economy in energy consumption. For example, upon entering the room the sensors will send the signal to the system and the temperature will rise by a few degrees. Similarly the TV can be set to turn off if the room is left empty for some time. What is more, the Smart House system will register the housekeeping account and notify you if the energy consumption results are too high. It worth emphasizing that all the applications are created considering the clients' interests.
These are only few examples demonstrating how to save energy and thus receive smaller accounts and simplify the household tasks. It is calculated that in Germany the installation of the Smart House system pays dividends in 3-5 years namely because of the saving enabled by the system.
The world is not safe – quite a number of accidents occur every day. Today by means of modern technologies the risk factors can be profoundly minimized. The appropriate management of the house system is most effective way to avoid disasters. In such a case the Smart House appears to be the best solution. By means of the qualitative fiber optic net the system every minute transmits the information to the Security Center. You will be contacted immediately if the signal failure occurs. In case of emergency the armed equipage will arrive.
If you leave the house for a longer period of time you will be able to watch it whenever you want on special cameras. This is especially convenient if children or elderly people that can hardly take care of themselves are left at home.
One more security feature is the emergency button. It can be installed in the most convenient place. Using it you will call the aid services in case of an accident. All you have to do is to press the button and the aid service team will arrive in a few moments.
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