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TOD (Television on Desktop)
TOD is the software that allows to watch digital television on the desktop of your PC and use the computer at the same time. The user can edit the Word document, search multiple sources and at the same time watch the basketball match broadcasted on the national TV channel on the monitor of the PC. There is no need to exit or hide the programs that are used. The internet providers all over the world offer the digital television service, but the opportunity to watch TV on the desktop is a novelty not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. In Lithuania the TOD was introduced by the "Penki kontinentai". The company has developed the program "Penki TV on Desktop".
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Keywords: TOD, Television on Desktop, Penki TV, Penki kontinetai, 5ci
Topic: Computers and Internet
Event's date: 3/16/2007 12:00 PM
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Representative: Penki kontinentai, UAB
Copyright: Penki kontinentai, UAB
Created: 3/16/2007 3:29 PM
Modified: 3/19/2007 10:47 AM
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