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Keynote: The Developing Meetings Industry in the Baltic Region - Sally Greenhill, Managing Director at The Right Solution (UK)
Sally Greenhill is Managing Director of The Right Solution, development consultants in facilities & infrastructure development; service development; business planning and marketing for conference and event destinations worldwide. Her work ranges from market research and feasibility studies' through design development, to operational and business planning. During 2013 she worked very closely with Estonia on their potential for increasing international meetings. New destinations all over the world are continually entering the meetings market, with many in Asia gaining significant market share in record time. How will destinations in the Baltic region achieve increased success in the international meetings market and compete with Asia in future? What matters most for a successful meetings destination? Sally Greenhill, will share the latest trends and research for the meetings market. The Professional Education Programme was a one-day event, designed for exhibitors at CONVENE to network, share the latest up to date news in the Meetings Industry and get prepared for CONVENE exhibition.

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