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Derek Muller: „The Problem With Facebook“
Derek Muller is a science communicator, filmmaker and television presenter. He is best known for creating the YouTube channel Veritasium. Muller also appears as a television presenter on the Australian television program Catalyst. Veritasium is one of the leading science channels on YouTube with over 1.25M subscribers and over 60M views. Videos on the channel cover a range of topics including the physics of a falling slinky, a history of the kilogram, interviews with the public about science, interviews with Nobel Laureates and even an analysis of Facebook's business model. Muller was born in Australia and moved to Vancouver as an infant. Muller graduated from Queen's University with a B.Sc in Engineering Physics in 2004 and completed a PhD in physics education research from the University of Sydney in 2008. His thesis, Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education, was the subject of his TED@Sydney talk in 2012.

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