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Insurance terminal
THE FIRST IN THE BALTIC STATES INSURANCE TERMINAL INTRODUCED IN LITHUANIA. The company Lietuvos draudimas, AB together with the company Penkiø Kontinentø Bankinës Technologijos, UAB (further BS/2), which are the leading information technology companies in the country, introduced the first in the Baltic states the customer self-service Insurance Terminal on the 13th of July, 2001.
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Keywords: automatic-machine, information kiosk, automatic cash dispenser, civil liability insurance policy, driver’s civil liability insurance policy, insurance terminal, information, future, GSM network, ProConsult, Wincor Nixdorf.
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Author: Dovilë Ðirmulytë
Representative: Penki kontinentai, UAB
Copyright: Penki kontinentai, UAB
Created: 12/18/2001 2:58 PM
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