Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

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  1. Art gallery
    products from stone, metal, wood, leather, ceramics; paintings; consultations on interior and exterior design

  2. Art gallery "Kukas"

  3. Art gallery of Vladislavas Juskenas

  4. arteria
    Virtual gallery of Lithuanian contemporary art

  5. Galery of the Lithuanian artists

  6. Go 4
    gallery of the Lithuanian artists: Tadas Gutauskas, Jonas Daniliauskas, Dovile Norkute, Rimas Biciunas, Tamara Janova

    web based art promotion focused on eastern european art; marketing tools for artists

  8. Lithuanian paintings
    Lithuanian artists present their best works

  9. Oblius
    sarcastic caricatures

  10. Police insignia collection
    Vytautas Pliuskus virtual police insignia collection (pictures and descriptions)

  11. Silent courtyard
    exhibition of sculptor Vladas Kancauskas' works

  12. Stone and Art
    web site of "Vilnoja" sculpture park (sculptures of famous Lithuania sculptors under the open air), virtual gallery

  13. Tomas Markevicius
    anachronuous paintings; old Masters techniques

  14. Virtual Arts Gallery of Klaipeda Region
    presentation of artists of Klaipeda Region (graphic, painting and applied arts sections)

  15. Virtual exhibition of the graphic artist Antanas Rimantas Šakalis
    ex-libris, envelopes, philately, history of Lithuania on the envelopes, paintings and graphics, most outstanding persons of the nation

  16. Virtual trade fair of the works of the Lithuanian artists

  17. Vytux
    Lithuanian artist's Vytautas "Vytux" Pakalnis paintings' and projects' web site

    virtual museums and exhibitions, ethnic culture and ethnic minorities, electronic books, fostering digital culture