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    computer literature and belles lettres

  2. Anthology of Lithuanian Classic Literature

  3. AUM - ezoteric bookshop
    ezoteric literature in Lithuanian and Russian languages

  4. Book by post
    popular and technical literature, textbooks

  5. Books
    Lithuanian literary authors biographies and books, books texts in format PDF

  6. Books
    Second hand book shop

  7. Books for tourists
    books about travel, maps. All books can be bought in Internet shop.

  8. Eridanas
    science fiction

  9. Juozas Erlickas
    lithuanian ironic author

  10. Knygininkas, JSC
    wholesale and retail books

    books, poetry, prose, fantasy, philosophy, psychology...

  12. Lithuania at the 2002 Frankfurt Book fair

  13. Lithuania at the 2002 Frankfurt Book fair

  14. Natu knygynas
    specialized shop of notes and the musical literature

    electronic book shop

  16. Postilla 400
    information on the first Lithuanian books

  17. Science and fantasy
    literary compositions of a science-fiction genre

  18. Skaitalai
    philosophic and psychologic books

    virtual publishing house - book shop

  20. Sufi
    books in the Lithuanian language: Khavadza Muin Uddin Hasan Cisti „Meditations“; Rah-e-Tasawuuf „Way of mysticism“

    books and toys

  22. Vilius Kavaliauskas „For Merits to Lithuania“
    book about Lithuanian medals and awards

  23. Visos knygos
    book shop in internet

  24. Who is who in Lithuania