Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

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  1. "Buy Amber"
    Amber shop, about amber

  2. Alavinis kareivelis, JSC
    production of tin soldiers, modern sculptures, moulding of replicas of antiques non-ferrous metal, accessories of furniture; gratings, fences, gates, stairs, bookstands, tables, chairs and other pieces of the interior production from black metal

  3. Aleksotas, JSC
    hand-worked products from a glass: vase, plates, aquariums, candlesticks...

  4. Amber by Palanga
    Amber ware

  5. Antikos namai
    pictures, bronze and marble sculptures, furniture, candlesticks

  6. Antique - senienos
    ancient furniture and household goods

  7. Aroksa
    folk art craftsmen (ceramics, wood, glass)

  8. Astromineralogical centre "Pars Fortunae"
    astromineralogical and astropsychological consultations, sale of natural minerals and crystals, costume jewellery

    Online store offering unique Baltic amber jewelry, handmade ceramics, graphic arts, linen, and other items from the Baltic States.

  10. Borussia
    antique shop in Klaipeda

  11. Cera, ceramics and metal production
    designing and manufacturing of medals, lapel pins, emblems, badges as well as different promotional items

  12. Citadel of ceramic art
    author's ceramic products, vase, pots, candlesticks, sculptures, souvenirs, interior details

  13. Cokolis
    handmade ceramics

  14. Darius ir Draugai (Darius and Friends)
    leather, ceramics and wood goods

  15. Gifts to Lithuania
    opportunity to send a gift to Lithuania from any country of the world

  16. Mažoji Indija
    east style goods shops

  17. Maldis
    antique and arts

  18. Molija, ceramic makes
    hand-made ceramic souvenirs (candlesticks, coin boxes, vases, ashtrays and other works); individual orders are also accepted

  19. Murina, JSC
    classical and modern lamps, furniture, ornaments

  20. Nautilus
    gifts and souvenirs, sea cockleshells, pictures, models of sailing vessels

  21. Porcelita
    catalogue of porcelain and faience products

  22. Puancetija
    The masters of our workshop have a long work experience of amber processing, also they continue the oldest traditions of the craft. You can be persuaded into it after you purchase amber jewelry and souvenirs made by "Puancetija".

  23. Savex, JSC
    frameworks for photos, posters, reproductions

  24. Souvenirs and flower-pots

  25. Suvena
    ceramic souvenirs manufacturing

  26. Suvenyras
    military surplus producer

  27. Tik Dovanos, JSC
    various business souvenirs. Advertising

  28. Vilnius antiques shop
    Russian icons, candlesticks, crosses, wooden sculptures, samovars and other items

  29. Zirginelis
    wholesale and retail trade in utensils, ceramics, souvenirs