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  1. Abuva, JSC
    country tourism

  2. AD Verbum, JSC
    "Daewoo" and „SsangYong“ auto's import to Lithuania

  3. Adampolis, JSC
    official MAN representative in Lithuania (trade in trucks, spare-parts, repair service)

  4. Aeromobilis
    sale and rent of automobiles

  5. ALGA Group
    metal constructions, aluminium and plastic constructions, customs services, security guard service, sale of motor vehicles, publishing, production of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, state technical inspection of vehicles, storage services

  6. Animus mobilis
    "Opel" automobiles (trade and repair)

  7. ARMI Servisas, JSC
    representative of "ADAM OPEL AG" concern in Lithuania (sale technical maintenance of automobiles "OPEL")

  8. ARX
    "Skoda" automobiles (trade and repair)

  9. ARX
    Skoda automobiles (trade and repair)

  10. Audi
    "Audi“ in Lithuania (news, models, service, representatives)

  11. AutoAteitis
    systems "NOS" ("Nitrous Oxide Systems")

    used automobiles and details from the Western Europe

  13. Autodina, JSC
    trade in new and used automobiles, spare parts (wholesale and retail), repair servoces, car rental services, trade in accessories

    trade in second-hand passenger transport, repair

  15. Autoforumas, JSC
    trade BMW, Rover and Land Rover automobiles and BMW motorcycles

  16. Autohobis, JSC
    official representative of the English company " Pilgrim cars Ltd " in Lithuania; website about "COBRA" automobiles manufactured in Lithuania

  17. Automarkt
    trade in new and used automobiles and motorcycles

  18. Automasinu verslo centras, JSC
    representative GAS in Lithuania, collecting under the license on Rokishkis car factory automobiles GAS, "GAZEL" and "SOBOL".

  19. Autominute
    trade in used cars and spare parts

  20. Automobil
    international e-trade system: trade in vehicles

  21. Automobiles from Germany
    trade in automobiles

  22. Automobiles from Holland
    trade in automobiles, leasing

  23. Automobiles in Lithuania
    Announcements (purchase and sale of automobiles, spare parts)

  24. Automobiles on internet
    automobiles sale in internet, orders, descriptions of cars configurations, photos, prices

  25. Automobilis, JSC
    official dealer "Suzuki" in Lithuania: automobiles sale, service, repair, characteristics, prices

  26. Automodus, JSC
    centre of new and used automobiles (sale of automobiles, consultations, leasing, insurance)

    automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles exchange, sale and purchase

  28. Autopardavimas
    sale and rent of automobiles

  29. Autopark
    sale of second-hand automobiles, consultations, guarantee

  30. Autoparkas
    free-of-charge advertisemets of byuing and selling the cars

  31. Autosabina
    Logistics centre, "Volvo" repair services; trade in automobiles, spare parts and accessories; manufacturing of production from metal and wood

  32. Autotoja, JSC
    "Toyota" representative in Lithuania

  33. Autoukis
    trade in automobiles, customs warehouse services, rent, leasing, insurance, repair and maintenance service

  34. Autoverslo automobiliai, JSC
    official "Lada" representative in Lithuania

  35. Autovizija, JSC
    trade "Peugeot" automobiles and autodetails, car-care center

  36. Autoway L. L.C.
    trade in automobiles

  37. Balthana, JSC
    transportation of cargoes, trade in lorries and tractors

  38. Baltijos autocentras, JSC
    company "BMW group" dealer in the western Lithuania

  39. Bavariski automobiliai, JSC
    trade in second-hand automobiles

  40. Bleiras, JSC
    international and local transportations of cars, temporary import, trade in cars

  41. Bleiras, JSC
    cargo transportation. trade in used automobiles

  42. BMW
    BMW automobiles, BMW motorcycles, ROVER automobiles; trade in new and used cars

  43. BRC, autocentre
    trade in used cars, commision, leasing

  44. Cheap automobiles
    trade in automobiles

  45. Chrysler Jeep Autocentras, JSC
    official representative of "DaimlerChrysle" corporation in Lithuania (trade in "Chrysler/Jeep" cars)

  46. Citroen
    an official web site: models, prices, representatives

  47. Citroen service
    trade and repair

  48. D. Adomaitiene's company
    lorries, minibuses

  49. Daihatsu cars
    information on "Daihatsu" automobiles (history, technical characteristics, photos), car service center, spare parts

  50. Daimler Chrysler
    trade in automobilies and lorries

  51. Deliuvis, JSC
    sale of automobiles in Panevezys, car-care center, spare parts

  52. Embesta, JSC
    trade in vehicles ("Mercedes-Benz" automobiles, lorries, minibuses, etc.)

  53. Engra-Auto
    trade in automobiles

  54. Euramanas, JSC
    lorries, tractors, trailers

  55. Europiniai automobiliai
    spare parts of vehicles, car service, lorries and tractors sales, transportation services

  56. Ferikas, JSC
    sells trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, new and used spare parts

  57. Fiada, JSC
    sale Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo automobiles in Lithuania

  58. Ford
    "Ford" in Lithuania, service, the prices and other information

  59. Gazagroservisas
    trade in the Russian automobiles, service, spare parts, tire covers. Base of rest in Neringa.

  60. Geltonieji vartai, JSC
    imported German cars for sale. Auto repairs and maintenance

  61. Honda
    trade in "Honda" automobiles, history and news

  62. Hyundai
    "Hyundai" automobiles (history, news, orders, models)

    announcements of automobiles and spare parts sale - purchase

  64. International Auto Broker Service
    New used and damaged cars from Germany. Full service (shipping, custom documents, leasing)

  65. Ivetra ir Ko
    "IVECO" vans, lorries and tractors; service, spare parts

  66. JMA centras, JSC
    sale Daihatsu, Isuzu, Subaru, Suzuki automobiles, car-care center

  67. Kaunas Automobiles' Market. Area Nr. 13A
    trade in automobiles

  68. Kauno Autokompleksas
    new and second-hand "Mercedes-Benz" cars

  69. Kauno Vista, JSC
    official representative of "Ford Motor Co" and "Mitsubishi Motors" (trade in "Ford" and "Mitsubishi" automobiles and spareparts, technical service, repair service, diagnostics)

  70. KIA Auto, official representative of "KIA" automobiles in Lithuania
    trade in "KIA" automobiles, repair services, information about "KIA" automobiles

  71. KID Trucks, JSC
    trade in lorries und trailers

  72. Kniupsius, JSC
    new and used cars, automobiles transportation

  73. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  74. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  75. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  76. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  77. Lexus
    trade in "Lexus" automobiles, information about "Lexus" automobiles

  78. LIT Automotive
    Our services at LitAuto Inc. include buying repairable vehicles after collision in USA and shipping them to Europe and East Russia.

  79. Lithuanian autoenterpreneurs association (LAA)

  80. LZUB Leasing
    leasing and factoring (vechicles, real estate, technological equipment, agricultural equipment, office equipment, domestic appliances, furniture)

  81. Manvesta
    transportation of new and used cars, mini buses, trucks, agricultural technique, as well as trading with used automobiles

  82. Martonas, JSC
    repair of automobiles, spare parts, accessories, taxi, rent of automobiles, trade in used automobiles from Germany, сafe

  83. Mazda Center
    trade in "Mazda" automobiles and spare parts, repair

  84. Mercedes-Benz
    trade in "Mercedes-Benz" automobiles, various information about "Mercedes-Benz" automobiles

  85. Milnora, JSC
    trade in second-hand automobiles from Europe, insurance

  86. Mitsubishi
    trade in "Mitsubishi" cars, information about "Mitsubishi" automobiles (history, models, etc)

  87. Neringos kelias, JSC
    lorries, trailers

  88. Nissan
    trade in "NISSAN" automobiles, information about "NISSAN" automobiles

  89. Nordea Finance Lithuania
    leasing (agricultural equipment, office equipment, vechicles)

  90. Opel
    trade in "Opel" cars

  91. Operika
    lorries und trailers

  92. Piliakalnis
    official "Saab" representative in Lithuania

    announcements of automobiles, details and equipments sale

  94. Prices on automobiles
    Prices on used automobiles imported to Lithuania

    "Renault" cars

  96. Rikeda, JSC
    used cars from Western Europe

  97. Ryztme Technical Centre
    trucks and buses, automobile service equipment, automobile wash and vacuum cleaners, paint for building and industry

  98. SAAB Global
    "SAAB" automobiles

    trade in automobiles, motorcycles, motor scooters. Catalogue in internet

  100. ScanBalt Trailer, JSC
    straight way to the largest and the best selection of new and used semi-trailers in Lithuania

  101. Scania
    lorries, buses, spare parts, repair of automobiles

  102. Schwarzmüller
    Austrian trailers

  103. Siauliu autoservisas, JSC
    "Honda", "Citroen", "VAZ", "GAZ" automobiles, repair, machine oil

  104. Skelbk
    "Xado" technology, production; news, links, consultations

  105. Sostena, JSC
    "Volvo" and "Renault" automobiles (trade and repair)

  106. Stavrolita, JSC
    UAZ automobiles (trade, leasing and repair)

  107. Stemoras, JSC
    sale of automobiles

  108. Stevita
    automobiles sale, cargoes transportation

  109. Subaru
    trade in SUBARU cars; servicing of SUBARU

  110. tato-auto
    sale of automobiles

  111. Team Waldner & Partner
    supply of automobiles and spare parts by order

  112. Tokvila, JSC
    "Toyota" automobiles (trade, repair) and spare parts

  113. Toyota
    trade in "Toyota" automobiles

  114. Trailer and truck center of "Klaipedos ekspedicija"
    forwarding, customs formalities, trade in new and used semitrailers and trucks, arranging of finansing, leasing and insurance

  115. Trailway Rental, JSC
    trade in used lorries, trailers, semi-trailers; leasing of used vehicles, short-term and long-term rent of trailers and refrigerators

  116. Transmitto, JSC
    trade in Iveco and Rolfo automobiles, car-care center

  117. Truma, JSC
    trade in new "KIA" automobiles und spare parts

  118. V. Geleziene business concern
    cars sale and transportation

  119. Veda, JSC
    official representative of "FIAT" in Lithuania (trade in "FIAT" automobiles, technical characteristics, prices and other information about "FIAT" automobiles)

  120. Veho, JSC
    trade in "Honda" and "Citroen" automobiles

  121. Vilbana
    trade in "Mazda" and "Jaguar" automobiles

  122. Vilkaga, JSC
    shopping center

  123. Vilnius bus park
    routes, timetables, bus services, parking

  124. virtual transport market
    here you can advertise sale of a vehicle

  125. Viterna, JSC
    official representative of "Suzuki" in Lithuania (trade in "Suzuki" automobiles, technical characteristics, prices and other information about "Suzuki" automobiles)

  126. Volvo Car Corporation
    trade in "Volvo" automobiles, information about "Volvo" automobiles

  127. Volvo Group
    passenger cars. lorries. buses and other "Volvo" vehicles

  128. Volvo Trucks in Lithuania
    "Volvo" trucks (production and trade)

  129. VW Lithuania
    trade in "Volkswagen" automobiles

  130. VW Lithuania
    trade in "Volkswagen" automobiles

  131. Vytaras, JSC
    official representative of " Mitsubishi Motors Co." and "Hyundai Motor Co." in Lithuania (sale and repair of "Mitsubishi" and "Hyundai" automobiles, trade in spare parts)

  132. Zaibo ratas
    "Opel" automobiles (trade and repair)

  133. Zaibo ratas
    "Opel" automobiles (trade and repair)

  134. Zibintas
    "Peugeot" automobiles (trade and repair)