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  1. Aša
    windows films

  2. a1 alternatyva
    brake systems of automobiles, repair of wheels, tire covers, cast disks, shop of automobile parts

  3. Accel
    automobile electronics

  4. Acura, spare parts shop network
    Japan cars spare parts

  5. Adampolis, JSC
    official MAN representative in Lithuania (trade in trucks, spare-parts, repair service)

  6. Admita, UAB
    automobile security systems, autoelectronics, audio equipment

  7. Advertisements
    purchase and sale of automobiles and spare parts for automobiles

  8. Agrotiekimas, JSC
    agricultural, building, industrial and household goods

  9. Akste, JSC
    spare parts, repair services

  10. Akumuliatoriu spektras, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade in accumulators and signals

  11. Alba Servis, JSC
    wholesale and retail of collars and bearings

  12. Algis Povilauskas' personal enterprise
    parts for buses ant trucks

  13. Alksnis
    trade in automobile details

  14. Alsauga
    mounting of car protection systems and audio equipment

  15. Altas
    automobile security systems and the audioequipment

  16. Antanas Demikis enterprise
    car paints and building materials

  17. Aptarna, JSC
    spare parts, accumulators

  18. ARMI Servisas, JSC
    representative of "ADAM OPEL AG" concern in Lithuania (sale technical maintenance of automobiles "OPEL")

  19. Aroste, JSC
    production of rubber spare parts and accessories for cars

  20. Arusta
    details for automobile and lorries

  21. Audi
    "Audi“ in Lithuania (news, models, service, representatives)

  22. Audio in the automobile
    installation of automobile audio systems

  23. Audioprojektai, JSC
    automobile security systems, audiosystems

  24. Augija
    mirrors for all vehicles

  25. Ausegra, JSC
    car repair center, spare parts for automobiles

  26. Auto ABC
    driving school of the automobile, trade in automobile parts, car repairs, the organization of auto-sports competitions and actions

  27. Auto Trade, JSC
    wholesale trade in tyres, oil and operational materials for automobiles and industry

  28. Autoaibe, JSC
    spare parts for cars, service and repair of cars

  29. AutoAteitis
    systems "NOS" ("Nitrous Oxide Systems")

    used automobiles and details from the Western Europe

  31. Autochemija
    household chemical goods, automobile oils, autocosmetics...

  32. Autodalys Sanciuose
    wholesale and retail trade in automobile parts

  33. Autodina, JSC
    trade in new and used automobiles, spare parts (wholesale and retail), repair servoces, car rental services, trade in accessories

  34. Autodujos ir partneriai, JSC
    computer diagnostics and repair

  35. Autodumps
    spare parts for the Japanese, Swedish, Italian and French automobiles

  36. Autoega
    trade in ROLFO, GROENEWOLD, KASSBOHRER, LOHR details, repair

  37. Autoera, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade in automobile details, accessories, tire covers

  38. Autofondas
    new tire covers Falken, Michelin, GT radial, Bridgestone, Taurus, Dunlop

  39. Autoforumas, JSC
    trade BMW, Rover and Land Rover automobiles and BMW motorcycles

  40. Autogarsas
    automobile and household audioequipment, automobile security systems

  41. Autohaus Gebr. Weber
    trade in automobiles spare parts

  42. Autohobis, JSC
    official representative of the English company " Pilgrim cars Ltd " in Lithuania; website about "COBRA" automobiles manufactured in Lithuania

  43. Autokamera
    automobile tyres, inner tubes, accumulators (wholesale and retail trade)

  44. Autokurtas, JSC
    spare parts for "Mercedes-Benz" automobiles

  45. Automalunas
    automobile spare parts and accessories

  46. Autominute
    trade in used cars and spare parts

  47. Automobiles in Lithuania
    Announcements (purchase and sale of automobiles, spare parts)

  48. Automobiliu kryptis, JSC
    trade in the automobile audioequipment and security systems

  49. Automoderna, JSC
    trade in spare parts for automobiles and motorcycles

  50. Autonata, JSC
    automobile audio systems

  51. Autopadanga, JSC
    covers, disks, assembling

  52. Autoringas, JSC
    automobile exhaust systems and spare parts

  53. Autosabina
    Logistics centre, "Volvo" repair services; trade in automobiles, spare parts and accessories; manufacturing of production from metal and wood

  54. Autosignalas, JSC
    automobile security systems, audiosystems, insurance

  55. Autostilius, JSC
    trade in automobile tire covers, disks, shock-absorbers

  56. Autosundora
    car-care accessories

  57. Autotoja, JSC
    "Toyota" representative in Lithuania

  58. Autotrekas, JSC
    automobile tire covers, repair, car-care center

  59. Autovega, JSC
    shock-absorbers, signal system, glasses, audioequipment, tire covers, car repairs

  60. Autovizija, JSC
    trade "Peugeot" automobiles and autodetails, car-care center

  61. Autralita
    trade in autoparts

  62. Autralita, JSC
    original details for the European automobiles

  63. Autura, private enterprise
    diesel equipment for any kind of vehicles, engine parts

  64. Autuva
    transportation of cargoes, repair of motor transport, trade in autodetails

  65. Balsana, JSC
    tire covers repair and assembling

  66. Baltauta, JSC
    new and used autotransporters, new spare parts for these autotransporters

  67. Baltic Car Service Vilnius
    "Mitsubishi Motors " car-service center, spare parts, repair of wheels, "Michelin", "Kleber", " BF Goodrich ", "Kormoran" tires

  68. Baltic Trade
    sale of factory hangars, tire covers, woods export

  69. Belfortas, JSC
    autodetails for the French automobiles

  70. Bilstein
    gas shock-absorbers

  71. BMW
    BMW automobiles, BMW motorcycles, ROVER automobiles; trade in new and used cars

  72. Borbet
    automobiles spare parts

  73. Chrysler Jeep Autocentras, JSC
    official representative of "DaimlerChrysle" corporation in Lithuania (trade in "Chrysler/Jeep" cars)

  74. Ciampas
    automobile gas equipment repair and trade

  75. CLAVIS
    the musical equipment for automobiles and houses, the signal system, the gas equipment

  76. Dagris, JSC
    autoservice, trade in filters, tyres, etc

  77. Daihatsu cars
    information on "Daihatsu" automobiles (history, technical characteristics, photos), car service center, spare parts

  78. Dalaida
    automobile spare parts, accumulators, oils (wholesale and retail trade)

  79. Dasta, JSC
    automobile oils „Agip“, autocosmetics, accessories for cars

  80. Daudrius
    spare parts and SAAB car repairs

  81. Delada, JSC
    operates in the field of spare parts wholesale and retail as well as provides technical services to vehicles

  82. Deliuvis, JSC
    sale of automobiles in Panevezys, car-care center, spare parts

  83. Despera
    automobile audio equipment

  84. Detalita
    spare parts for "Volkswagen" and "Audi" automobiles

  85. Dilmanas
    is wholesale company selling high quality automobile's spare parts

  86. Dovaina
    spare parts of buses, transport services

  87. Egreka, JSC
    conditioners for automobile and lorries, spare parts, repair

  88. Eoltas
    automobile spare parts

  89. Eurologistika
    the international transportation of cargoes, trade in trailers

  90. Europiniai automobiliai
    spare parts of vehicles, car service, lorries and tractors sales, transportation services

  91. Evelkas, JSC
    trade in automobile glasses and autocosmetics. Repair, toning and replacement of glasses

  92. ExxonMobil
    oils, means of a leaving of the automobile

  93. Ford
    "Ford" in Lithuania, service, the prices and other information

  94. Formula
    automobile spare parts

  95. Galuotas
    transportation of cargoes, tractors, cultivators, spare parts, repair

  96. Gambera, JSC
    air filters for cars

  97. Garbus
    automobile spare parts

  98. Gazagroservisas
    trade in the Russian automobiles, service, spare parts, tire covers. Base of rest in Neringa.

  99. Geltonieji vartai, JSC
    imported German cars for sale. Auto repairs and maintenance

  100. Girama
    automobile spare parts

  101. Helvina
    care of the automobile, systems of a gate

  102. Hidrobalt
    automobile spare parts

  103. Ignera
    bearing and stuffingbox

    announcements of automobiles and spare parts sale - purchase

  105. Ivetra ir Ko
    "IVECO" vans, lorries and tractors; service, spare parts

  106. Jotvainis
    transportations of cargoes, automobile spare parts

  107. JSC "Rytas" and JSC "Rytvita"
    trade in accumulators, tire covers, compressors " KAESER "

  108. Juta, JSC
    spare parts and accessories for automobiles

  109. K.G.G.I.
    disc brake pads and brake shoes

  110. Kajovika
    tractors, dredges, spare parts

  111. Katafotas, JSC
    trade in automobile accessories

  112. Kauno Autokompleksas
    new and second-hand "Mercedes-Benz" cars

  113. Kauno skuba
    repair and spare parts of commercial transport

  114. Kauno svara
    export of household and industrial waste products, manufacture of containers, welding works, automobile spare parts

  115. Kauno Vista, JSC
    official representative of "Ford Motor Co" and "Mitsubishi Motors" (trade in "Ford" and "Mitsubishi" automobiles and spareparts, technical service, repair service, diagnostics)

  116. Klion

  117. Kondicionieriu centras
    all about automobile conditioners

  118. Kondicionieriu centras
    all about automobile conditioners

  119. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  120. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  121. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  122. Krasta Auto, JSC
    trade in "BMW", "Rover" and "Land Rover" automobiles, repair, used cars, car insurance, car rent

  123. LBM Electronic
    automobile diagnostic equipment

  124. Lesta, JSC
    trade in machine oil, autocosmetics

  125. Lidema
    repair and details for automobiles "Mercedes-Benz"

  126. Lidema, JSC
    repair and maintenance service of automobiles "Mercedes-Benz"

  127. Lirosta
    spare parts for the Japanese automobiles

  128. Lirosta, JSC
    spare parts for the Japanese automobiles

  129. LS-Service
    loaders, wheels, service of spare details

  130. Mage
    automobile spare parts, service

  131. Martonas, JSC
    repair of automobiles, spare parts, accessories, taxi, rent of automobiles, trade in used automobiles from Germany, сafe

  132. Mazda Center
    trade in "Mazda" automobiles and spare parts, repair

  133. MegaMesta
    automobile spare parts, repair

  134. Mercedes-Benz
    trade in "Mercedes-Benz" automobiles, various information about "Mercedes-Benz" automobiles

  135. Milnora, JSC
    trade in second-hand automobiles from Europe, insurance

  136. MobilAuto
    Security systems, autosignal system

  137. Motoreisas
    truck components

  138. Motoroleriai ir motociklai
    Nauji ir naudoti Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco, Aprillia motoroleriai ir motociklai, detales, servisas. Prekiaujame issimoketinai.

  139. Naftenas
    tire covers, rubber, tinned vegetables and fruit, dairy products, fish

  140. Neringos kelias, JSC
    lorries, trailers

  141. Obra

  142. Odita, leather salon
    automobile salons, accessories for motorcycles, leather clothes, furniture

  143. Opel
    trade in "Opel" cars

  144. Oregona, JSC
    automobile disks, wheels balancing

  145. Panevezhio Aurida
    air compressors, aluminium die casting, mechanical treatment

  146. Piliakalnis
    official "Saab" representative in Lithuania

  147. PM Tuning
    accessories for automobiles

  148. Reborda, JSC
    trade in spare parts and accessories for the Russian lorries "КАМАZ"

  149. Redlainas, JSC
    professional integrated communication equipment for the automobile

  150. Remdeta
    details for agricultural machinery and lorries, repair of the fuel equipment

    "Renault" cars

  152. Ridma, JSC
    international freight traffic, parkings. Trade in automobile fuel, articles of food, automobile parts. Maintenance service and car repairs

  153. Rifejus, JSC
    paint for automobiles, automobile signalling systems

  154. Romasta
    automobile spare parts, repair

  155. Romdara
    spare parts and repair

  156. Russiantyres
    all types of tyres made in Russia

  157. Saugos spektras
    automobile security systems, sound equipment, toning of glasses, leather motor shows

  158. Savel, JSC
    telecommunications, building

  159. Scania
    lorries, buses, spare parts, repair of automobiles

  160. Setema
    autodetails, service

  161. Setema autodetails
    wholesale and retail trade in autodetails

  162. Shell
    "Shell" petrol stations, cards, trade in

  163. Siauliu autoservisas, JSC
    "Honda", "Citroen", "VAZ", "GAZ" automobiles, repair, machine oil

  164. Siauliu zemes ukio technikos Autodetales
    wholesale and retail trade of spare parts for trucks, busses and trailers

  165. Siglita
    automobile security systems

  166. Signeda
    autospare parts

  167. Silda
    equipment for colouring

  168. SKF Lithuania
    bearings for automobiles and industry

  169. Skuba, JSC
    repare of commerce vechicles, trade in spare parts

  170. Spare parts for jeeps
    wide range of parts and accessories, delivery

  171. Spare parts for minibuses
    new and second-hand parts for minibuses. Car-care center

  172. Svydis
    equipment and materials for repair of automobiles bodies

  173. Tanagra, JSC
    automobile spare parts, repair services

  174. Tarateksas, A.Taraskevicius' company
    seat covers, batteries "TOPLA", wheel covers, car mats and other car accessories

  175. Team Waldner & Partner
    supply of automobiles and spare parts by order

  176. Tercija, JSC
    audio systems, security systems

  177. Tobis
    car exploitation stuff, cosmetics, maintenance materials

  178. Tokvila, JSC
    "Toyota" automobiles (trade, repair) and spare parts

  179. Toyota
    trade in "Toyota" automobiles

  180. Transausa
    repair of "AVIA" automobiles, spare parts for "AVIA" automobiles,

  181. Truma, JSC
    trade in new "KIA" automobiles und spare parts

  182. Vairotas, JSC
    trade in new and used car spares, service center

  183. Veho, JSC
    trade in "Honda" and "Citroen" automobiles

  184. Vilkaga, JSC
    shopping center

  185. Vilnius bus park
    routes, timetables, bus services, parking

  186. Vilokta, JSC
    attenuated gas for automobiles, washing of automobiles

  187. Vitmina, JSC
    international transportation of cargoes, vechicles, repair service , insurance of cargoes, trailers, semi-trailers, refrigerators

  188. Volvo Car Corporation
    trade in "Volvo" automobiles, information about "Volvo" automobiles

  189. Vunda, JSC
    automobile spare parts, repair services

  190. Vytaras, JSC
    official representative of " Mitsubishi Motors Co." and "Hyundai Motor Co." in Lithuania (sale and repair of "Mitsubishi" and "Hyundai" automobiles, trade in spare parts)

  191. Vytaro servisas
    tourism goods (tents,leeping-bag), sports wear, accessories for automobiles

  192. Xado technology
    official representative in Lithuania - "Skelbk" (prevention and restoration fat

  193. Zibintas
    "Peugeot" automobiles (trade and repair)