Tuesday, 18 September, 2018

  1. Azhuoliukas
    kindergarten "Azhuoliukas" website

  2. Dipreva, JSC
    products for babies and children ("Milupa", "NUK", "Nutricia", "Bübchen", "Top-Top"; "Frei öl"); goods for pregnant; consultations of the doctor - pediatrist, bulletin board, councils

  3. Do you have children?
    all about children: health, education, games, councils

  4. Family Planning and Sexual Health Association

  5. For mums
    news (pregnancy, infancy, childhood), legal issues, competitions

  6. Gandriukas
    kindergarten in Vilnius

  7. Jaunimo linija
    Kaunas service rendering the psychological help by the phone

  8. Jiezno vaikai
    welfare fund of support of children's home "Jiezno vaikai"

  9. Kaunas pedagogical psychological organization
    help to children, parents and teachers, consultation of pupils

  10. Kiddi, website on vitamins
    information on vitamins, vitamins for children "Kiddi Pharmaton“; consultations of pediatrician; news, prizes; recommended vitamins doses, food energetic value and other information

  11. Lietuvos Atgaja
    summer camp for children and youth. The information on camp, programs, changes, contacts

  12. Mamos kava
    here it is possible to talk to other mums to consult, share experience, to find the helpful information

  13. Modern school centre

  14. Pedagogical Psychological Centre
    help to children, parents, teachers

  15. Psihologija Tau
    magazine about psychology

  16. Sadute
    kindergarten in Kaunas, information, children's figures

  17. SOS
    children's villages, kindergarten

  18. Summer camp of Lithuania
    summer camp for children: "Merkurijus", "Vilkas", "Dobilelis", "Liepsnele"

  19. SuperMama
    portal for parents. Information on pregnancy, sorts, children health and education. Forum

    for parents about children

  21. Valhalla
    virtual culture network for children and youth

  22. Your child, magazine for parents
    articles and advice (subjects: pregnancy, newborn, kindergarten, encyclopedia for mums, etc.)