Friday, 26 April, 2019

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  1. Agnis
    Low Intensity Laser Therapy equipment

  2. Alvalita
    manufacturing and trading in manual wheelchairs

  3. Aviga, UAB
    medical equipment

  4. Baltic Orthoservice, JSC
    individual orthopedic footwear

  5. Biomedika
    medical equipment

  6. Elmatrono spektras
    medical laser equipment (manufacture, trade)

  7. Fotonas
    illumination engineering, security systems, stomatology equipment

  8. Hospitex Diagnostics Kaunas
    medical equipment

  9. Inoveca medtechna
    dentistry equipment, dentist's office maintenance services

  10. Kardiosignalas, JSC
    portable Computerized Electrocardiograph "Kaunas"

  11. Kreva, UAB
    dentists' clinic, learning centre

  12. LINA
    special and rescue services with necessary machines, devices and equipment for saving people in emergencies, as well as for primary life-supplying and temporary accommodation of people

  13. Medical Technologies
    medical equipment

  14. Pletra, JSC
    silicon production for medicine

  15. Sarguva
    trading equipment, scales, medical equipment

  16. SpektraMed

  17. Taneta, JSC
    medical equipment, rahabilitation engineering

  18. Telemed
    ultrasound diagnostic

  19. Vildika, JSC
    furniture from metal, office furniture, lockers for documents, equipment for archives, laboratories, warehouses, safes (manufacturing and sale)

  20. Vilimeksas
    medical equipment, accomodation rent