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  1. Aesculapius, „Rehband Anatomiska“ AB representative in Lithuania

  2. Aletovis, JSC
    produces linseed oil by the method of cold pressing

  3. Camelia
    tea, wholesale and retail trade of medicine

  4. Citrosept - greipfrutų sėklyčių ekstraktas
    Citrosept: Greipfrutų sėklyčių ekstraktas - natūrali alternatyva antibiotikams

  5. Dipreva, JSC
    products for babies and children ("Milupa", "NUK", "Nutricia", "Bübchen", "Top-Top"; "Frei öl"); goods for pregnant; consultations of the doctor - pediatrist, bulletin board, councils

  6. Drug Information centre

  7. Entafarma
    wholesale pharmaceutical dealer

  8. Flu
    about Grippostad C, flu influence on animals and treatment methods

  9. Food Supplements

  10. German drugstore

  11. Ilsanta
    intravenous solutions and injectables

  12. Jungtinė farmacija, JSC
    whosale with drugs

  13. Kauno medicinos centras
    wholesale of natural medicine

  14. Kiddi, website on vitamins
    information on vitamins, vitamins for children "Kiddi Pharmaton“; consultations of pediatrician; news, prizes; recommended vitamins doses, food energetic value and other information

  15. Litfarma
    wholesale of medicine

  16. Medisana, JSC
    trade in medicines and food supplements, medical - diagnostic ambulance aid on the principal "family doctor", medical tourism - organization of treatment and consultation abroad, sponsorship and social activity

  17. Natasha
    medical preparations

  18. NovoNordisk A/S
    information and medicaments for diabetics

  19. Pharmaceutical information system

  20. Pharmcos, JSC
    production and wholesale of medicines; extract "Trejos devynerios"

  21. Pliva
    pharmaceutics company

  22. Quit and Win!
    buproprion – anti-smoking drugs, competition

  23. Radfarma, JSC

  24. Ratilėlis, drugstore
    drugstore is created with the purpose to encourage birth rate and to relieve the future parents of stress

  25. Sanitas
    production of drugs and trading

  26. SKS Vaistai, information systems
    database about Lithuanian drugs and drugstores

  27. State medicines control agency

  28. Tamro, JSC
    distribution of drugs

  29. Vision Euronord
    trade in food additives and cosmetic products

  30. Vitmeda
    wholesaler of medical means