Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

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  1. Arсiau gamtos, rent of tourist inventory
    canoes, tents, backpacks, skis, bicycles; consultations on organization of hikes

  2. Atletas
    trade in sports ware and sports equipment

  3. Driezas, private firm
    trade in cable, wires and canoes

  4. eRBi, JSC
    goods for leisure, rest and facilities

  5. Lindare, JSC
    boats, yachts, motors, accessories, fishing

  6. Paluses valtine
    rent of boats, canoe, bicycles

  7. Plastonika, JSC
    manufacture of boats, boats, automobile details, furniture

  8. Vandens pasaulis, JSC
    courses and equipment for diving

  9. Vytaro servisas
    tourism goods (tents,leeping-bag), sports wear, accessories for automobiles