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  1. Akelote & Co
    computer games, computer parts and other

  2. All about Nokia 3310
    descriptions, circuits, programs, trade marks, wires, codes

  3. All for your phone
    free-of-charge trade marks and melodies, SMS, circuits, news

  4. Atlonas, JSC
    computers, phones, software

  5. Benefita, JSC
    computer equipment, websites creation, GSM phones

  6. Bite GSM
    mobile phones, tariffs

  7. Bite's SMS world
    SMS, prizes, sounds studio, chat, logo gallery, fun zone

  8. Email Zone
    e-mail, trade marks and melodies for mobile phones, programs

  9. Ericsson in Lithuania
    mobile systems, multipurpose networks

  10. Ericsson r320s
    links to sites about the phone "Ericsson r320s"

  11. Extra
    "Extra", "Extra plius", tariffs, help to subscribers

    trade in phones

  13. Frondita, JSC
    real estate, assessment, legal services, free-of-charge consultations, trade in mobile phones

  14. GSM
    programs, repair of mobile phones

  15. GSM phones
    photos, descriptions

  16. GSM Unlocking Solutions
    communication equipment, mobile phones

  17. GSM world
    mobile phones descriptions, melodies, trade marks, forum

  18. InfoEra
    GPS technologies

  19. Infoseka
    wireless and cable Internet, mobile phones, Internet club, computers, networks

  20. Inta, JSC
    trade in and servicing of radio communication and wireless set systems; trade in mobile phones and copying equipment

  21. Kauno kompiuteriu centras, JSC
    сomputers, software, computer networks, games, GSM phones

  22. KGF, JSC
    computers, mobile phones, TV systems

  23. kShop
    accumulators for mobile phones, computers, monitors

  24. Labas
    information for users "Labas"

  25. Labas Center
    only service in Lithuanian prepaid services market offering subscribers unique self-care possibilities

  26. Labas Center
    only service in Lithuanian prepaid services market offering subscribers unique self-care possibilities

  27. Mediafon, JSC
    mobile phones, internet services

  28. Mikrovisata
    mobile phones, sattelite TV

    mobile phones: news, descriptions, melodies, SMS texts

  30. Mobilera
    trade and repair of mobile phones

  31. Mobili linija, JSC
    mobile phones and accessories

  32. Mobilioji banga, JSC
    mobile phones, GSM services, information on discounts

    information about GSM phones

    information about GSM phones

    information about GSM phones

  36. Motorola melodies

  37. Netplus, JSC
    wholesalers of mobile phones and accessories, telephone stations and ISDN equipment

  38. Nokia
    all about phones NOKIA

  39. Nokia trade marks
    phones, trade marks, cables

  40. Mobile
    free-of-charge melodies for Nokia mobile phones

  41. Off design
    information on mobile phones, automobiles, etc.

    news, search, e-mail, GSM services, games, e-cards, horoscopes, announcements

    news, search, e-mail, GSM services, games, e-cards, horoscopes, announcements

  44. Omnitel
    GSM and internet provider, SMS

  45. Orglita, JSC
    computer equipment, mobile phones, internet services

  46. Panasonic Lietuva
    TVs, DVD, mobile phones, faxes - devices

  47. Pikselis, JSC
    hardware, cellular phones

    mobile phones descriptions, mobile communication in Lithuania

    :: Logo, Ringtones, Screensavers, MMS for your Mobile Phone ::

  50. Radijolinija, JSC
    GSM mobile equipment

  51. Radijolinija, JSC
    GSM mobile equipment

  52. RAM & Ko, JSC
    audio- and videoequipment, computer engineering, mobile phones

  53. Redlainas, JSC
    professional integrated communication equipment for the automobile

    free-of-charge Lithuanian melodies for phones "Nokia"

  55. S. Dovzuk enterprise
    mobile phones, parts, accessories, repair

  56. Saugirda, JSC
    satellite TV equipment, computers, mobile phones

  57. Simas
    mobile phones and accessories, Omnitel services

  58. SMS world
    SMS, prizes, chat, entertainments

  59. SMS world
    SMS, prizes, chat, entertainments

  60. Spaineta, JSC
    GSM phones and accesories

  61. Stotas, JSC
    video- and audioequipment, home appliances, GSM phones, computers. Rest in Sventoji. Film-centre, internet cafe in Plunge

  62. Telta, JSC
    cellular phones, containers, packing

  63. Trecioji banga
    trade in mobile phones, websites design

  64. Uniform system of messages reception

  65. Viltanika, JSC
    phones, answering machines, accessories

  66. WAP
    wireless aplication protocol

    mobile technologies portal, free SMS

  68. Yoyota, JSC
    SMS, melodies, trade marks