Monday, 24 September, 2018

  1. #bible page of the christian IRC channel
    info-photo, chat room, about Bible and majority of the other interesting things

  2. Baltic Jesuits
    information, links & other

  3. Bible
    about the Bible, articles on historical and bible subjects


  5. Catholic church in Lithuania

  6. Catholic Internet service

  7. Christian church "Bible Way"

  8. Church news
    information edition

  9. Communio Sanctissimae Trinitatis Oblatorum
    who we, our calling, texts, announcements...

  10. Cultural heritage of the Rerichs

  11. Diamond Way Buddhism

  12. Dorjeling
    traditions of the Buddhism

  13. Ganytojas
    newspaper of a christian society "The Word of Faith" (articles, historical review, reviews of books, page for youth, news on modern christian music)

  14. Greater Grace, church in Lithuania
    about the church, vision and outreaches, Bible Institute, treasure Chest, children and youth clubs

  15. Hare Krishna
    Hare Krishna philosophy in Lithuanian

  16. Internet Bible Study

  17. J.Matulaiсio parish
    information on activity, actions, contact information

  18. Kaunas Blagoveshchensk cathedral
    history of a cathedral, sunday school, picture album

  19. Kaunas Blagoveshchensk cathedral
    history of a cathedral, sunday school, picture album

  20. Kaunas fortress and orthodox temples of Kaunas
    history of fortress creation, Sunday school of the Kaunas Blagoveshchensk cathedral

  21. Links to websites of christians
    art, press, Holy Scripture, organizations, churches, etc.

  22. Lithuanian Christian College

  23. Lithuanian Evangelic church music commonwealth
    church chanting seminars, church musical literature, concerts

  24. Martyrs of Lithuania
    Catholic Parish, Domeikava, Lithuania

    information on religion the Islam

  26. Organization of Kaunas Jesuit Gimnasium Alumni

  27. Osho Ojas Meditation Center

  28. Personal American-Lithuanian Jesuit's homepage
    information on Jesuit sites in Vilnius, retreats in Druskininkai

  29. Phowa 2002
    course of Buddhist meditation with Lama Ole Nydalu

  30. Pilgrim guide in Lithuania Maria Land

  31. Prizmė

    religion, ethics, psychology, culture, social ethics. The actual information, news, discussions, photos, announcements

    magic, philosophy, the Buddhism, religion, poetry, ideas, greeting cards, etc.

  34. Vilnius New Testament Baptist Church

  35. Website for the believers

  36. Website of Christian community "The Word of Faith"
    information about the community, about the churches, latest events; newspaper "Ganytojas", TV program "Kertinis akmuo" (the cornerstone)

  37. Zarasai Dean's office
    about the Dean's office, activity, news