Thursday, 20 September, 2018

  1. Agri-Food Eurointegration department

  2. Customs Department

  3. Department of Courts

  4. Department of Cultural Heritage Protection

  5. Department of Forests

  6. Department of Land Management

  7. Department of Lithuania Archives

  8. Department of manual protection

  9. Department of National Minorities and Lithuanians Living Abroad

  10. Department of Pharmacy

  11. Department of Police

  12. Department of prisons

  13. Department of Tourism

  14. Education and Studies Department
    education system in Lithuania, activities of International Education Centre

  15. European law department

  16. Information and Informatics Department

  17. Migration department

  18. Sate Fire and Rescue Service

  19. Sports and Physical Training Department

  20. Standards departmet

  21. State Border Guard Service
    information for travellers, visa and other services

  22. State tax inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance
    consultations, tax terminology, VAT payers database, accounting forms database and other information

  23. Statistics Department

  24. Statistics Management Board of Kaunas County

  25. Traffic Police Office
    car crash statistics, traffic regulations and other information