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  1. Agrovet
    meat products

  2. Aletovis, JSC
    produces linseed oil by the method of cold pressing

  3. Aliejus, SC
    oil, mayonnaise and ketchup producer in Lithuania

  4. Alkava, JSC
    confectionery products: pies, cookies, rolls

  5. Alytaus duona, JSC
    history of bread, shops, for suppliers

  6. Arcia, JSC
    buying up, sorting, packing, import and export of mushrooms, berries, snails

  7. Augma
    importer of fresh fruits and vegetables

  8. Baltijos agropramonine grupe, JSC (Baltic Agroindustrial Group)
    production of clear ecological fuel and dry dairy products

  9. Baltijos delikatesai, JSC
    fish-canning factory

  10. Dipreva, JSC
    products for babies and children ("Milupa", "NUK", "Nutricia", "Bübchen", "Top-Top"; "Frei öl"); goods for pregnant; consultations of the doctor - pediatrist, bulletin board, councils

  11. Dreigsas
    wholesale and retail trade in food stuffs

  12. Dzukija, JSC
    cookies, pies and other confectionery products

  13. Fazer Gardesis, JSC
    manufacturer of bread products

  14. Hemiris ir Ko, JSC
    tomato sauces and ketchups

  15. Jurate Gulbiniene' s enterprise
    confectionery products (pies, cackes, sweets, etc.)

  16. Kaisiadorys Poultry Factory, JSC
    breeding and processing of chicken broilers

  17. Karotinas
    trade in red palm oil

  18. Kartagena, JSC
    row materials for the confectionery and bread industry; supplying of equipment and service for bread and food industry

  19. Kauno zuvis, JSC
    rent of office premises, storage-rent, customs warehouses-terminal, veterinary service, frozen fish

  20. Klingai
    wholesale trade in foodstuff

  21. Kraitene, JSC
    manufacturers and distributors of frozen and ready-to-use food products in the Baltic States

  22. Lavisos Koncernas
    raw materials for food industry

  23. Lithuanian potatoe chips "OHO!"
    JSC "Naujasis Nevezis" (potatoe chips, corns)

  24. Lokio letena
    popcorn, corn sticks, nuts, water

  25. Maggi
    broths, soups of fast preparation, seasoning, sauces

  26. Malsena, AB
    manufacture of a wheaten and rye flour, bran

  27. Medutis
    beekeeper's site

  28. Mentora, G.Basinskas' firm
    bakery: rolls, pies, bread

  29. Naftenas
    tire covers, rubber, tinned vegetables and fruit, dairy products, fish

  30. Nestle Foodservices
    coffee, coffee devices, cookery

  31. Nukas, "HiPP" representative in Lithuania
    food for babies, consultations of specialist

  32. Okare

  33. Olvic, JSC
    trade in frozen food

  34. Onega
    manufacturer of a semifinished item for chips and foodstuff of fast preparation

  35. Parolana, JSC
    Swiss coffee makers "Jura", Italian coffee "Molinari"

  36. Pieno žvaigždės
    products of milk

  37. Ridma, JSC
    international freight traffic, parkings. Trade in automobile fuel, articles of food, automobile parts. Maintenance service and car repairs

  38. Riestila, JSC
    buns, pies and other flour products

  39. Skonio technologijos, JSC
    bakery "Baltoji zvaigzdute", bar - restaurant "Amigos", potato chips "ZigZag", confectionery raw material

  40. Uriga, JSC
    coated cheesecake with various addition

  41. Vilniaus duona plius,
    bakery products (bread, rolls, dryings, crackers, gingerbreads, wafers, pies, cakes, fruitcakes)

  42. X-Cite

  43. X-Cite

  44. Zemaitijos pienas, AB
    dairy products

  45. Zokniu zuvis, JSC
    fish processing and trade