Wednesday, 24 April, 2019

  1. AB Finasta
    business trade review; securities market news

  2. Business Information Centre in Svencionys
    information about the region; consultations on finance, accounting, market research, etc.; search of business partners and other services

  3. Central Securities Depository

  4. Finansu CJB.NET
    sale of shares; exchange rates; fundamental and technical analyses; software; dictionary

  5. Finansu spektras, brokerage company
    investments in the United States, intermediary srvices (cooperation, foreign securities - analysis, consultations, dicscussion)

  6. International Market Investments, Brokerage Company
    consulting on assets / liabilities management, investment portfolios and hedging strategies composition, brokerage services

  7. Lithuanian Securities Commission

  8. National Stock Exchange of Lithuania

    training and work in the international financial markets