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BackWater supply, warming and ventilation systemsCategories
  1. Agava
    engineering company

  2. Agnis, JSC
    "KAN" plastic water systems and systems of warming

  3. Akvatechnika, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade in water filters

  4. Alropa, JSC
    warming and ventilation systems

  5. Amalva
    manufacturer of air handling

  6. Artva AB
    boreholes for water, grounding, systems of water supply, sewer constructions, watering systems

  7. ARX-Baltica
    trade in various computer engineering and the program equipment. Manufacture of computers "Premium".

  8. Avarija, SP UAB

  9. Baltic Master, JSC
    freezing systems, conditioners, equipment and furniture for restaurants, bars, shops

  10. Borėjas, UAB
    sale of household and industrial fans, conditioners and etc. Designing, service

  11. Burbuliukas
    The company BURBULIUKAS was incorporated in 1995. The willingness and enthusiasm of the three men enabled designing, development and serial production of PTV water electrolysers – the original household appliances.

  12. Busto irangos artele, JSC
    thermal equipment and water supply equipment (radiators, pipes)

  13. Centre of effective heating

  14. Darim Baltija
    air-conditioning, heating, drying

  15. Derta, JSC
    environment protection, engineering networks, water turbineer

  16. EKOkodas, JSC
    thermal pumps of Austrian firm Ochsner, heating, air-conditioning

  17. Elstava
    heating equipment, water filters. Consulting, designing

  18. Eltalis, JSC
    regulators, termostates, transmissions, valves, transformers

  19. GD Kompresoriai, JSC
    air compressors, vacuum pumps, filters

  20. Geologiniai tyrimai, JSC

  21. Gilda, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade of the sanitary technician

  22. Gilius&Co
    "Gilius&Co". Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and swimming-pool instalation systems –consultation, planning, installation, marketing, servicing.

  23. HVAC, JSC
    heating and ventilating systems, conditioners

  24. Inventum
    wholesale and retail trade in household water filters

  25. Jaukurai, JSC
    heating, water supply, sewer, plumbing products, bathroom furniture

  26. Jurby WaterTech, JSC
    research, design and produduction of water treatment chemicals and equipment (water treatment chemicals, water treatment equipment, filtering media, salt tablets)

  27. KF vandens technologiju centras, JSC
    water filters, their description

  28. Kupre, JSC

  29. Lamberta, JSC
    maintenance service of thermal systems and systems of water delivery

  30. Laumiva
    trade in the ventilating equipment and lattices

  31. Lietemas, JSC
    thermal equipment - manufacture, installation, repair

  32. Liucija
    Trade in systems of water supply

  33. Masyvas, JSC
    building of living houses and public purpose objects, reconstruction works, decoration; heating, water supply and ventilation systems

  34. Medgana, JSC
    ventilating systems, conditioners

  35. NiT, JSC
    heating, airing, air-conditioning

  36. Panalita, JSC
    office engineering Panasonic (phones, faxes, ATS, photocopiers, printers, conditioners)

  37. Pusnis
    designing, assembling and repair of cooling systems

  38. R. Jakelaicio
    designing and assembling of ventilating systems

  39. Rechaustas, JSC
    water supply, warming and water drain systems

  40. Santera
    electrogoods, building goods, garden stock, tools, sanitary technician, industrial and medical gas

  41. Statvilena, JSC
    thermal equipment: radiators, boilers, conditioners

  42. Tavydas, JSC
    sanitary technician and equipment for bathroom

  43. Termoresta, JSC
    boilers, radiators

  44. Transilgė
    sale of heating, sanitary technicians and ventilation equipment

  45. Tsurumi
    pump from Japan (for building, industry, municipal economy)

  46. Vesa and partners
    heating venting air condition, water-supply, sewage

    fireplaces, furnaces, heating systems