Thursday, 25 April, 2019

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  1. 1.Q Consult
    help to investors, projects management, financial support

  2. Achemos grupe
    concern uniting 37 enterprises

  3. AGATA

  4. Alytus business incubator
    rent of rooms and equipment, consultation and information

  5. Association "International Chamber of Commerce - Lithuania"
    world business organisation's (International Chamber of Commerce) national committee in Lithuania (international business standards, rules and recommendations distribution, organisation of business delegations)

  6. Association of confectioners and head-cooks of the restaurants of Lithuania

  7. Association of financial analysts

  8. Baltic-American Interprise Fund

  9. Baltics Small Equity Fund

  10. Centre of language and the communications
    consultations, editing and creation of texts

  11. Centre of language and the communications
    consultations, editing and creation of texts

  12. Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists

  13. Development Agency for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

  14. ES PHARE "E-commerce Development Program"

  15. Kaunas region small and medium enterprises association

  16. Klaipeda chamber of commerce, industry and crafts
    news, business offers and missions, seminars

  17. LIPSTA
    Lithuanian association of the exhibition stands constructors, unites companies, which build, design, produce, montage and deliver exhibitions stands and temporary 3D constuctions

  18. Lithuanian association of quality management

  19. Lithuanian autoenterpreneurs association (LAA)

  20. Lithuanian development agency
    investment and export promotion

  21. Lithuanian Development Agency for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

  22. Market Promotion and Consultations Centre
    sales promotion, production maintainence management, marketing and business consultations, organisation of advertising compaigns and other services

  23. National Regional Development Agency

  24. National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance

  25. Our team
    page of service of joint-stock company „Ekranas“

  26. SimuLith
    centre of Lithuanian practice firms

  27. Status
    financial industrial group

  28. Vilnius and Vilnius district businessmen-employers' Confederation