Monday, 22 April, 2019

  1. A. Andzejevskis enterprise
    accessories and furniture

  2. A. Kaulinio Enterprise
    details made of wood for industry of furniture as well as wooden toys

  3. A.Jasevičius’ furniture
    production catalogue, possibility to make order on-line

  4. Afinitas
    sewing, cleaning, manufacture of furniture

  5. Alavinis kareivelis, JSC
    production of tin soldiers, modern sculptures, moulding of replicas of antiques non-ferrous metal, accessories of furniture; gratings, fences, gates, stairs, bookstands, tables, chairs and other pieces of the interior production from black metal

  6. Almelita
    designing and manufacture of furniture

  7. Amanda, JSC
    original furniture for offices, shops, hotels, cafe, drugstores...

  8. Antikos namai
    pictures, bronze and marble sculptures, furniture, candlesticks

  9. Arkva, JSC
    furniture, covers, banks, children's toys, christmas cards

  10. Askoldo baldai, JSC
    manufacture, designing and design of furniture

  11. Audejo baldai
    furniture, mirrors, carpets, home appliances

  12. Auneka
    designing and manufacture of non-standard furniture

  13. Aztrekas, JSC
    furniture designing and manufacture

  14. Azuolas
    manufacture of furniture

  15. Baldai Jums, JSC
    furniture manufacture from natural wood

  16. Baldenis, JSC
    tables and chairs manufacture

  17. Baldsta
    furniture manufacturer, projecting, lease in Tauragė

  18. Baldu gama, JSC
    non-standard furniture designing and manufacturing

  19. Baldu gama, JSC
    manufacture and sale of furniture

  20. Baldu rojus
    "Furniture Paradise" – the biggest furniture sales centre in Lithuania

  21. Baldu sala
    furniture design, manufacturing and sale

  22. Baltas Alksnis, JSC
    doors, furniture for sitting-room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and children room

  23. Baltic Master, JSC
    freezing systems, conditioners, equipment and furniture for restaurants, bars, shops

  24. Basma, JSC
    plywood, furniture accessories, furniture

  25. Children's stools
    new, wooden stools for children (different colors)

  26. Conprex
    furniture, chairs, tables and other

    doors, hand-worked furniture

  28. E-baldai
    on-line furniture catalogue

  29. Ego-3
    designing and manufacture of non-standard furniture, trade in home appliances

  30. Enterprise of L. Burgaila
    manufacturing of bedroom furniture

  31. Eurotravel
    travel agency, sale of furniture

  32. Evelita, JSC
    products for the hairdressing saloons: Italian equipment, hair cosmetics

  33. Furniture
    bowers, bathhouse, benches and tables, swing, bridges

  34. Furniture shop "Art Form"
    "Art Form" is a new furniture and interior details shop located in Vilnius

  35. Gelmeda, JSC
    wooden houses, canopies, fences, bath, children's playgrounds, furniture

  36. Genmak, JSC
    doors, window sills, furniture details, furniture

  37. Geriausi baldai
    furniture design, manufacturing and sale

  38. Ideju parkas
    trading equipment, designing of interior; manufacture of non-standard furniture

  39. Inter-Trakas, JSC
    shelves, furniture, metal constructions, packing

  40. JustLuka
    manufacturer of furniture

  41. Kelmeda, construction company
    artificial stone; furniture and decorative products from an artificial stone (tables, chairs, handrail, fences etc.)

  42. Klaidas&Egidijus

  43. Klaipėdos baldai
    furniture manufacturer

  44. Laganis, JSC
    manufacture of desktop games, cases, doors

  45. Lauksva, JSC
    upholstered spring furniture manufacturing and sale; furniture renovation services; non-holstered furniture production

  46. Lobita
    teak tree garden furniture (made from wagon wheels)

  47. LZUB Leasing
    leasing and factoring (vechicles, real estate, technological equipment, agricultural equipment, office equipment, domestic appliances, furniture)

  48. Manufacturing of furniture
    designing and manufacture of non-standard furniture

    wood industry on-line trade-fair

  50. Miesto parkas, JSC
    wood processing, windows, doors and furniture manufacture, frame houses construction

  51. Murina, JSC
    classical and modern lamps, furniture, ornaments

  52. Musonas, JSC
    design and manufacture furniture for offices, home offices, cafes and shops. Chairs

  53. NBI
    upholstered furniture (production, trade, repair)

  54. New Design Line
    manufacturing of unique furniture from oak

  55. Odita, leather salon
    automobile salons, accessories for motorcycles, leather clothes, furniture

  56. Office and home furniture
    information, offered production, pictures

  57. Oltena, JSC
    non-standard furniture, cases and partitions

  58. Originalus projektai, JSC
    interior design, manufacture of furniture

  59. Petrašiūnų gaja

  60. Petrasiunu gaja, JSC
    design and manufacture of furniture

  61. Placida, furniture shop
    trade in the Belgian furniture

  62. Runplasta
    various windows, doors, winter gardens, wooden products, small houses, furniture, painting and decorating

  63. Skraja
    furniture and interior saloon

  64. Skraja
    furniture and interior saloon

  65. Solitex
    furniture trade

  66. Stalma, JSC
    mirrors, show-windows, aquariums, non-standard furniture

  67. Taubaldis, enterprise of S. Stumbra
    manufacture and sale of furniture

  68. Technolitas
    highest quality furniture for office, hotels, schools and home

  69. Tosta, JSC
    kitchen, bedroom, living room, office and other furniture

  70. Trilogija
    wooden stairs and other products

  71. Uklara, JSC
    producing dwelling - houses, rest - houses and garden houses, bathhouses, furnitutre for gardens, playing fields for children from turned or squared pinewood

  72. Venta
    manufacturer of solid furniture from natural wood

  73. Viktoras & Co.
    doors, ladders, furniture, balconies, bath

  74. Vildika, JSC
    furniture from metal, office furniture, lockers for documents, equipment for archives, laboratories, warehouses, safes (manufacturing and sale)

  75. Vilnius furniture factory
    projecting, manufacturing, trading

  76. Viltarija, JSC
    Glue and hermetic for manufacturing of windows and doors, for coverings of a floor and a ceiling; furniture, windows and doors production

  77. Virekta
    non-standard furniture for apartments and offices

  78. Vytele, Egidijus Savickas' personal enterprise
    basketry, wicker-work, wattled furneture

  79. Zavira, JSC
    individual furniture from a natural tree and accessories...

  80. Zbiga, JSC
    manufacturing of upholstered furniture

  81. Zelma
    furniture manufacturer

  82. Zona optima, JSC
    metal (traffic signs, trailers, etc.) and wood (non standard furniture) production, advertising