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  1. "Dana ir Ko" Ltd
    The largest manufacturer of ladies tights, stockings, steps and socks in the domestic Lithuanian market.

  2. "Nostra", a joint stock company
    Wholesale of raw materials of textiles - cotton, yarns, textile and textile products of cotton, linen and mixed fibres as well as others.

  3. Adele, JSC
    caps, gloves and laying for a sauna

  4. Afinitas
    sewing, cleaning, manufacture of furniture

  5. Aleta
    linen textile, linen clothing, decorative ceramics, amber

  6. Algrima
    working clothes and footwear

  7. Audimas, JSC
    sports and leisure clothing

  8. Baltic Mills, JSC
    woolen fabrics

  9. Bermeta
    orders by catalogue "Neckermann"

  10. Big Star, jeans
    Big Star collection, news, discounts and entertainments.

  11. Burda Moden
    fashion magazine

  12. Callo, JSC
    trade in sewing machines, sewing workshop

  13. Edvilitas, JSC
    advertising clothes

  14. Eksa, products of fur
    information about the firm (services, trade, collection)

  15. of erotic lingerie
    we present you a new collection of exclusive ladies' underwear of 2003, from the internationally known American Shirley of Hollywood company

  16. Embroidera
    all for embroidery

  17. ESPRIT, clothes shop
    clothes for women and men

  18. Fianeta, JSC
    man's and female bathing suits

  19. Gemis
    textiles manufacture

  20. Gunda, JSC
    women outdoor clothes (skirts, dress, field shirts, coats, jackets, etc.)

  21. Hotora
    cloth materials

  22. Ifimedija
    leather fancy – goods

  23. Imekslitas, JSC
    trade in acrylic yarn from Turkey

  24. Ivega
    industrial embroidery

  25. Justima, JSC
    working clothes and uniforms

  26. Justima, JSC
    working clothes and uniforms

  27. Kalnarute, JSC
    sphere of trade, processing of second-hand clothes and cloths

  28. Kalnarute, JSC
    sphere of trade, processing of second-hand clothes and cloths

  29. Kilimai, JSC
    carpets, runners, carpet coverings, handmade carpets

  30. Lekeckas Kestutis
    information on clothes designer, design and tailoring service, collection

  31. Liubove Caplikiene studio
    design and tailoring

  32. Liudmilos
    wedding a dress: modelling, tailoring, embroidery, rent, sale

  33. Lonas & partners
    foam rubber products

  34. Mangile, JSC
    collection of children's clothes (linen, handmade clothes)

  35. Manica, JSC
    motorcycles, spare parts, means of a leaving of motorcycles, clothes for motorcyclists

  36. Mastina, JSC
    we manufacture upper garments

  37. Mazasis salonas, JSC
    sewing of easy lady's wear

  38. Neo textile, JSC
    working clothes, bed-clothes, napkins, towels manufacturing

  39. Odita, leather salon
    automobile salons, accessories for motorcycles, leather clothes, furniture

  40. Pano kilimai, JSC
    hand-made woolen carpets' production according to the individual design

  41. Papilio
    big collection of models of wedding dresses. Photos, conditions and contact information

  42. Pronuptia
    wedding dress and accessories, automobiles rent, musicians, bouquets, photographer services

  43. Regina
    wedding dresses and evening gowns.

  44. Senra
    snickers and sports clothing ((„Converse“, „Asics“, „Fila“, „New Balance“, „Puma“, „Reebok“, „Adidas“)

  45. Sentauras, JSC
    trade in second-hand clothes

  46. Sewing company "ValVija"

  47. Skalmantas
    manufacturer of different military products from leather and textile.

  48. SkyGates
    export of second-hand clothes from England to Lithuania

  49. Solgar, JSC
    man's shirts, ties, jersey

  50. Ties
    information on ties: history, purchase, leaving, gallery

  51. Tik Dovanos, JSC
    various business souvenirs. Advertising

  52. Triteksa
    wholesaler of 100% linen, garments, linen yarns and ready-made home textile item

  53. Trys sezonai, JSC
    knitwear production

  54. Tuma
    military uniform, coats, suits, working clothes and other

  55. Utenos trikotažas
    knitwear manfacturer

  56. Veromoda
    lady's wear (information on shop, collection, VM club)

  57. Vilniaus kailiai, JSC
    services, history, production, partners, etc.

  58. Website of designer Angelija
    design and sewing of clothes for women

  59. Z. Komisoraitis personal company
    knitwears by order

  60. Zeimena, AB
    clothing manufacturer: formal and casual wear, hospital uniforms and work apparel