Wednesday, 24 April, 2019

  1. A-Kaabel Vilnius, JSC
    computer networks, telecommunication and electronics equipment

  2. Actual City Media, JSC
    advertising videos of service, sale of light panels and video screens

  3. Actual City Media, JSC
    service outdoor advertising, scoreboards and LED displays

  4. Allamat Electronic
    radiocommunications equipment; every supplement for radio connection

  5. Alytus electric systems

  6. Amagis, JSC
    modernization of an electric equipment

  7. Audio- and videoequipment
    trade in TVs, DVD, photogoods

  8. Baltpreka, UAB
    electric wares and equipment

  9. Bel canto, JSC
    trade in the audioequipment

  10. Birzu agroservisas, JSC
    provision of Metal products and materials, Electrotechnical products and materials. Trade in Agricultural Machines

  11. Driezas, private firm
    trade in cable, wires and canoes

  12. Edgama, JSC
    designing, installation and repair of electric systems

  13. Electronics
    сircuits, theory, links, programs...

  14. Elektrokomplektas, A. Shukis' company
    wholesale trade in electrical appliances (cables, lamps)

  15. Elektromega, JSC
    electrical goods (lamps, cables); projecting of lighting, warming and installation of an electricity

  16. Elektronikos komponentai, JSC
    dealing in electronic components

  17. Elektros darbai, JSC
    electric mounting works, electric measurements

  18. Elektroskandia, JSC
    electrotechnical production: installation, fixtures, lamps...

  19. Elpa, JSC
    TV systems, SAT TV systems

  20. Eltera
    industrial control equipment: design and manufacturing

  21. Esemda
    Electronic contract manufacturer for SMD, PTH & manual assembly.

  22. Fesla, JSC
    manufacture of three-phase induction single- and two-tariffs electricity energy meters

  23. Flamanda, JSC
    trade in an electric equipment and electroinstallation

  24. Fotijevo PI
    MAG Instrument representative in Lithuania. Goods for tourism and leisure

  25. Image Processing and Multimedia Laboratory (KTU)

  26. Information Technologies
    IT news, articles; telecommunications, computers and electronics

  27. Lietuvos Eltika, JSC
    trade in electrical appliances

  28. Mage
    automobile spare parts, service

  29. Mazgas, JSC
    import, distribution, wholesale and retail of electrical devices (bulbs, lamps, lighting and electrical installation systems); design of electrical networks, actual quality installations, maintenance, after service and consultations

  30. Milgreta, JSC
    sale wild range of electronic components and materials, white and brown goods

  31. MRTV LTD
    trade of parts for the radio and television transmission centers in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

  32. Panasonic Lietuva
    TVs, DVD, mobile phones, faxes - devices

    video and audio equipment, household and computer engineering

  34. Radionics

  35. Rimalga
    wholesale and retail trade in various cables and wires

  36. Rojasa, JSC
    electricity related services

  37. Ropla Elektronik, JSC
    trade in electronics components (wholesale) and computer equipment

  38. Santera
    electrogoods, building goods, garden stock, tools, sanitary technician, industrial and medical gas

  39. Sarguva
    trading equipment, scales, medical equipment

  40. Sedum
    computer technics

  41. Skaitmenine elektronika
    computer networks, digital electronics

  42. Spikarė
    radio components and parts

  43. Svaitas, JSC
    non-standard electronic microprocessor equipment

  44. Timgranda
    networks installation, illumination of streets, signal system

  45. Tomita, JSC
    wholesale trade in the electrogoods

  46. Vilimeksas
    medical equipment, accomodation rent

  47. Virgenis, JSC