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  1. "Nostra", a joint stock company
    Wholesale of raw materials of textiles - cotton, yarns, textile and textile products of cotton, linen and mixed fibres as well as others.

  2. A. Judicko enterprise
    microprocessor and digital equipment designing

  3. A. Luksevicius company
    agricultural and forest machinery

  4. A.Butkus Firm
    equipment for shops and restaurants, web design

  5. Adalgisa, JSC
    customs mediator services, customs documentation, forwarding, packing, repacking, palletizing, cranes, electric and automatic trucks

  6. ADI Kartes Ltd
    From its beginning we operate with identifications documents (PVC), it is cert., ID cards etc.; document producing; issue; ensure data security. Company provide complete cycle – from design, producing, anti-counterfeiting to personalizing.

  7. Agava
    engineering company

  8. Agrotiekimas, JSC
    agricultural, building, industrial and household goods

  9. Aidora
    vacuum cleaners, sanitary technician, professional tools

  10. Algol Chemicals, JSC
    chemical materials and industrial raw material

  11. Alpaal, JSC
    trade in professional machine tools for processing wood

  12. Alsante, JSC
    rubber hoses, technical rubber, thongs, plywood (wholesale trade). Transport services

  13. Alusta, JSC
    beer cooling and bottling equipment

  14. Alve
    engineering for welding also are sharp metals

  15. Ancra, JSC
    equipment for a raising and fastenings of cargoes

  16. Antejas, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade in ferrous metals and hardware

  17. Aptarna, JSC
    spare parts, accumulators

  18. Arkva, JSC
    furniture, covers, banks, children's toys, christmas cards

  19. Arnelita
    sanitary technician, pipes, etc.

  20. Astra, machinery plant company
    equipment for food industry, laundres and autoservice; metal treatment

  21. Auregis, JSC
    design, production and service of electronic equipment

  22. Autosabina
    Logistics centre, "Volvo" repair services; trade in automobiles, spare parts and accessories; manufacturing of production from metal and wood

  23. AviaBaltika Holding
    full technical maintenance of helicopters, repair, training of the personnel, capital repair, delivery of spare parts and equipment

  24. Baltcontrol, JSC
    trade in the equipment for gaz stations

  25. Baltexim, JSC
    welding equipment

  26. Baltgina, JSC
    equipment for manufacturing and processings of foodstuff

  27. Baltic Electrical Motors Company, JSC
    electric motors, equipment for energetic sector, punches and moulds for pressure moulding of coloured metals, lawn mowers and grinders

  28. Baltic Master, JSC
    freezing systems, conditioners, equipment and furniture for restaurants, bars, shops

  29. Barduva, JSC
    gate for garages and court yard

  30. Baseinu technologija, JSC
    equipment for swimming pools

  31. Biliardo pasaulis, JSC
    trade in tables and stock for billiards

  32. Birzu agroservisas, JSC
    provision of Metal products and materials, Electrotechnical products and materials. Trade in Agricultural Machines

  33. Bobcat
    multipurpose machines, dredges, telescopic loaders

  34. Boruna, JSC
    furniture materials and furniture accessories, drilling machines, slide assembly press, particle board, hardboard, worktops for kitchen, MDF profiles, PVC edgebandings

  35. Budava
    sale of water-heating boilers, pumps, valves; manufacturing of pipes

  36. Bukime svarus, JSC
    air ionizer, food additives, household chemical goods

  37. Callo, JSC
    trade in sewing machines, sewing workshop

  38. Capricornus, JSC
    jalousie, trade equipment

  39. Cessio, Irmantas Bernotaitis' company
    trade in packing materials, sticky tape, polythene curtains

  40. Concern "SEMTU"
    Semtu is Finnish concrete concern dealing with progressive technologies of concrete and concrete materials, functioning in Scandinavia since 1942.

  41. Decor service, JSC
    protective layer for glass

  42. Dovaina
    spare parts of buses, transport services

  43. Draisa, JSC
    equipment and tools for work in a garden, in a park (trade, repair)

  44. Elintos matavimo sistemos, JSC
    T&M and calibration instruments, test and adjustment systems, power sources

  45. Eltera
    industrial control equipment: design and manufacturing

  46. Enermega
    production and repair of woodworkers and woodworking equipment; production and repair of boiler equipment and of other metal products; sanitary engineering and electroinstallation works

  47. Esmina
    tools: manufacturing and import

  48. Flameksas ir Ko, JSC
    fire-prevention equipment, fire extinguishers refuelling

  49. Freolitus
    JSC Freolitus is the leading company in Lithuania for distributing refrigeration gases and oils.

  50. Gitana, JSC
    professional tools

  51. I.Shehovtsov's ecological research-and-production firm "Novator"

  52. Instra, JSC
    representative of Lithuanian and German Joint Venture EMH-Elgama that manufacures electricity metering products

  53. Instreita, JSC
    tools for processing wood

  54. Interterma
    Garbage bags

  55. JSC "Saugima" - everything for securing your work
    Specialized tailor shop of work clothing, official distributor and importer to Lithuania of 3M, PROTEKT, and FELDTMANN products.

  56. Kaligrafas, JSC
    equipment for industrial kitchens, bakery and confectionery, for meet and fish processing industry, for milk industry; sanitary-hygienic equipment

  57. Kartagena, JSC
    row materials for the confectionery and bread industry; supplying of equipment and service for bread and food industry

  58. Kauno dujotiekio statyba, SC
    mounting of all pressure oil pipelines, gas pipelines, gas distribution stations, block or indoor gas lines, boiler-houses, repair work of oil pipelines

  59. Kauno Silas

    rubber technology articles for industrial equipment, for household electromechanical and sanitary devices and for other specific uses

  61. Lagneta, JSC
    manufacturing of wire and wire products

  62. Laidra, JSC
    equipment for a raising and strengthenings of a cargo

  63. Lairaste, JSC
    trade in tools for processing metal

  64. Limatika
    automatic and electrical engineering directions

  65. Linolitas, JSC
    flax, packing, forklifts

  66. Machine tools for processing wood

  67. Magesta, JSC
    letter boxes, dustbins, ash-trays, fire extinguishers

  68. Maldis
    antique and arts

  69. Medzio stakles, JSC
    machine tools for processing wood

  70. Mitaras
    import and wholesale trade in empties

  71. Multisistema, JSC
    tools for metal and wood, measuring tools, electro and air tools, hand tools

  72. Munera, JSC
    compressors and filters

  73. Narvija, JSC
    trade in industrial belts, bearings, metal circuits

  74. Nemuno banga, manufacturing company
    preforms for PET bottles production, cigarette filters production and trade, raw tobacco warehousing

  75. NITAR SL
    equipment for pouring liquids

  76. Nordea Finance Lithuania
    leasing (agricultural equipment, office equipment, vechicles)

  77. Oleva
    various packing from wood: baskets for mushrooms, cups for champignons, large boxes for a potatoes

  78. Olivino Gabras, JSC
    sepulchral monuments and products from a granite. Trade in stone plates

  79. Optida
    our capabilities include the computer aided design and analysis, vacuum coaters with multiple e-beam guns and Ion Assisted Deposition, computerized optical monitoring and spectrophotometer test equipment

  80. Pakavimo sistemos
    PP, PET, steel packing bands, equipment

  81. Petpaka
    packing firm

  82. Plasbalt
    Core business activities of the Company include manufacture and marketing of PET (polyethylene teraphthalate) packing and moulds.

  83. Plastena, JSC
    trade in rubber, plastics, sealing materials, complex materials supply for industrial enterprises

  84. Posiflex Baltic
    Posiflex Inc. was founded in 1984 as a PC designer and manufacturer. The company has now evolved and grown to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of POS peripherals, as well as POS Terminals and OEM products.

  85. Pusnis
    designing, assembling and repair of cooling systems

  86. R. Grigo enterprise
    saunas, sun deck, cosmetics and equipment

  87. Raktine
    keys, letter boxes, locks, machines on manufacturing keys

  88. Rameta
    garden stock, metal products, liquid glass, furnaces, letter boxes, conveyors

  89. Remeliu dizainas
    wooden and plastic frames, reproductions, frame production equipment and accessories

  90. Rolvika, JSC
    refrigeration equipment for trade and industry, professional equipment for kitchens and bars and other equipment

  91. Rosoil
    emulsions for processing metal

  92. Rotoma, JSC
    information on enterprise, services and products. News

  93. Rumeks NNZ
    specialized industrial packing enterprise

  94. Ruvola
    equipment of clearing of waste products

  95. Rytu kuras, JSC
    wholesale trade in coal

  96. Ryztme Technical Centre
    trucks and buses, automobile service equipment, automobile wash and vacuum cleaners, paint for building and industry

  97. Saforas, JSC
    equipment for gaz stations, computer equipment, software

  98. Sandariklis, JSC
    manufacture of condensation on technology "SealJet"

  99. Sanpola
    trade in cash registers, electronic weights

  100. Sanpola Baltija, JSC
    trade in weights, cash registers, operational materials

  101. Santera
    electrogoods, building goods, garden stock, tools, sanitary technician, industrial and medical gas

  102. Sarguva
    trading equipment, scales, medical equipment

  103. Skaitmeninis kodas
    automatics and processes management

  104. Skalevita, JSC
    sale, rent and repair of mechanical and electronic scales

  105. Spogras, JSC
    machine tools for processing metal

  106. Staklija, JSC
    trade in metal working machinery

  107. Starteksa, JSC
    sale of the professional ironing and sewing equipment

  108. STS, JSC
    trade in shelves, cupboards, lockers, preparing of the projects, mounting of equipment

  109. STS, JSC
    casters supply (more than 7000 kinds)

  110. Swedish transport technics
    engineering for a wood, park and a garden

  111. Technical optics components for laser and optical technology
    Technical optics for laser manufacturing.

  112. Telta, JSC
    cellular phones, containers, packing

  113. Termoskalė
    engineering trade-consulting company. Machines, furnaces, ovens and materials for ceramic, glass, metal heat-treatment industries...

  114. Termosnaige ir Ko, JSC
    thermo-insulating finishing panels

  115. UAB Litofolija ON-LINE
    modern design, packaging, high polygraphic quality and décor elements

  116. Ukmergės printing house

  117. Unitechna, JSC
    petrol stations consrtuction; equipment for petrol stations; service

  118. Vegtomas, JSC
    trade in natural veneer from Europe and exotic veneer ("fine-line") from Africa, Brazil etc.

  119. Vikama, JSC
    designing of the electronic circuits,design of devices. Manufacturing

  120. Vildika, JSC
    furniture from metal, office furniture, lockers for documents, equipment for archives, laboratories, warehouses, safes (manufacturing and sale)

  121. Vilimeksas
    medical equipment, accomodation rent

  122. Vingis, JSC
    welding equipment and materials

  123. Vipras, JSC
    entrance control, emergency and fire-prevention doors' control system, safes, locks etc. (trade and consultations)

  124. Visaza, PO
    specialized trading equipment supply, technical service

  125. Vitrum Сompany
    trade equipment, plastic windows and doors production supply

  126. Water Pumps, JSC
    trade in water pumps, service, repair, submersible pump mounting

  127. Wilo Lietuva, JSC
    pumps manufacturer

    Retail and wholesale trade of industrial equipment and machinery, logistic equipment, as well as scaffolds and concrete formwork moulds.

  129. Zemaitijos granitas, JSC
    various granite break-stone, paving-stone, windowsills, staircase terraces, fireplaces decoration elements. Rest-house

  130. Zemuktechnika, JSC
    agricultural machinery, sale, service, household and economic goods, transport services