Wednesday, 24 April, 2019

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  1. Afinitas
    sewing, cleaning, manufacture of furniture

  2. Ainava, JSC
    cleaning of rooms, washing of windows, cleaning of carpets

  3. Aleksotas, JSC
    hand-worked products from a glass: vase, plates, aquariums, candlesticks...

  4. Almute, JSC
    cleaning of territory and rooms

  5. Amiteka, JSC
    wholesale trade in household devices

  6. Arfekta, JSC
    belongings to a garden, building tools

  7. Arkiete, JSC
    plates and dishes, pots and pans

  8. Balticdecor
    Candles, cloths, napkins, disposable utensils, ornaments

  9. Balticdecor, JSC
    сandles, napkins, cloths, disposable utensils, household goods

    import and export of branded toiletries, cosmetics, fragrances and major brands of tea and coffe

  11. Dovirola
    bedding and towels, wraps, knitted and sewn linen articles

  12. Framing center
    we have been framing various masterpieces, reproductions, posters, mirrors, photos, diplomas, maps and other documents, advertisements etc.

  13. Gritija, JSC
    repair of furniture, restoration of period furniture

  14. Indauja, trade network
    vases, pots, utensils, wine-glasses, kitchen devices, pans, etc.

  15. Interterma
    Garbage bags

  16. Jiesia, JSC
    ceramics, bone china, stoneware

  17. Lost and found

  18. Plovejas
    rooms cleaning, equipment and cleaners

  19. Scilis
    utensils, kitchen accessory to professionals

  20. Stotas, JSC
    video- and audioequipment, home appliances, GSM phones, computers. Rest in Sventoji. Film-centre, internet cafe in Plunge

  21. Svara jums, JSC
    rooms, offices, hotels, apartments cleaning

  22. Svaros pasaulis

  23. Tebunie svara, JSC
    rent and system of replacement of carpets and table-clothes

  24. Toys and household goods
    trade in toys and goods of domestic use

  25. Zirginelis
    wholesale and retail trade in utensils, ceramics, souvenirs