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  1. Acrylicon
    The foremost manufacturer and installer of industrial floors

  2. Agrotiekimas, JSC
    agricultural, building, industrial and household goods

  3. AKSA
    concrete mortar mixture, metallic constructions, concrete article

  4. AKSA
    concrete mortar mixture, metallic constructions, concrete article

  5. Alkesta
    laying and repair of the roads, building and repair of the bridges, building materials

  6. Alterna
    trade in car spare parts and building materials

  7. Alterna, JSC
    installation and warming of roofs, consultations

  8. Antanas Demikis enterprise
    car paints and building materials

  9. Antkona
    wholesale and retail trade in building materials

  10. Antkona
    building materials for indoor and outdoor work in lodgings and other premises

  11. Arabeska, JSC
    trade black, nonferrous metals and building materials

  12. Aranteja
    sale and stacking of a parquet

  13. Argivana, JSC
    wholesale trade in finishing materials

  14. ASA Isolation

  15. Augrika, JSC
    trade in building and finishing materials

  16. Baltijos brasta, JSC
    building and packing materials, construction and repair

  17. Birzu agroservisas, JSC
    provision of Metal products and materials, Electrotechnical products and materials. Trade in Agricultural Machines

  18. Broksita, UAB
    Gyproc, Rigips, Liquid Nails®, Abico, Vertex production dealer

  19. Building and finishing goods
    German, Belgian and Lithuanian bricks

  20. Concern "SEMTU"
    Semtu is Finnish concrete concern dealing with progressive technologies of concrete and concrete materials, functioning in Scandinavia since 1942.

  21. Damava
    roof materials and construction

  22. Dauda, JSC
    “GRACE Construction Products” Ltd., that is specializing in construction products, official representative in Lithuania

  23. Decorum, JSC
    linoleum and coverings for floors

  24. Didmeksa, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade in building finishing materials, industrial chemistry

  25. Dolena, JSC
    producer of log houses and timber frame houses

  26. Drutsraigtis, JSC
    fasteners for contructions, industry and citizens; wholesale and retail of high quality fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, woodscrew, anchors and other fixing details

  27. Dvarčionių keramika
    glazed and unglazed wall, floor tiles, clay roofing tiles and other production

  28. Eituma
    internet-telephony, computer networks, communications, real estate

  29. Evereksas, JSC
    textile architecture, tents, pavilions, hangars, metal structures, tents and stands for advertisements

  30. Feltoma Ltd.
    general construction works, repair, reconstruction and restauration, house and apartment finishing works, installation of external engineering networks, environment reconstruction, wood processing, interior design, production of wooden houses for garden

  31. Fornestas, UAB
    dried wood, windows, doors, furniture

  32. Infina UAB
    Jumbolon pe foam products

  33. Irvista, JSC
    building materials, claydite, cement, tracing paper, whiting, metal, building reinforcement

  34. Jaupa, UAB
    wholesale and retail of metals for building; cutting, smoothing of metal; manufacturing of products of metals

  35. JSC "Sapa Profiliai"
    Sapa Group develops and markets high value-added profiles, building systems and heat transfer strip in aluminium.

  36. Jusinta, JSC
    oaken and ashen parquet and parquet floorboards

  37. KAMRI
    Trade of building, interior trimming, insulating materials, paint, fillers, glue, roof coverings, plumbing fitment, strengthening components, tools and other.

  38. Kauno tiltai, JSC
    construction and repairs of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, roads; production of asphalt-concrete and concrete mixtures; rent of construction machines and equipment and other services

  39. Kelmeda, construction company
    artificial stone; furniture and decorative products from an artificial stone (tables, chairs, handrail, fences etc.)

  40. Laivorita, JSC
    trade in coverings for facades

  41. Lithun, AB
    construction, concrete paving stones, road building and repairs, road transport services

  42. Litmona, JSC
    „Maleco“ paints

  43. Litnobiles, JSC
    official representative of "Akzo Nobel Nobiles" in Lithuania and Baltic countries (trade in paint, raw materials for paint production

  44. Mazeikiu varduva, JSC
    trade in building and finishing materials. Industrial roofs and floors

  45. Medžio stilius, JSC
    laying of parqueted floor and upkeeping

  46. Metalplast Vilnius, JSC

  47. Modernios Statybos Technologijos, JSC
    industrial vacuum cleaners ESTA, paint SADOLIN and other building materials

  48. NCC Fegda
    asphalt mix, road building

  49. Oberonas, JSC
    wholesale and retail trade in metal products and building materials

  50. Optiroc, JSC
    dry building mixes

  51. Panevėžio Lironta
    products of plastics

  52. Panevezio keliai, JSC
    construction and assembling works, machinery and equipment leasing, selling of construction materials

  53. Perdanga, JSC
    concrete and ferro-concrete structures, ready-mixed and building mortar mixtures, paving stones, reinforcement products

  54. Rannila Steel Vilnius
    steel products

  55. Rockwool

  56. Rockwool, JSC
    building and technical isolation

  57. Roku keramika
    ceramic products: blocks, bricks, beams, caps for cables

  58. Rubikon dekoras, JSC
    paints, wall-paper, carpet coverings, parquet

  59. Ryztme Technical Centre
    trucks and buses, automobile service equipment, automobile wash and vacuum cleaners, paint for building and industry

  60. Santera
    electrogoods, building goods, garden stock, tools, sanitary technician, industrial and medical gas

  61. Sapa
    aluminium profiles

  62. Skiedra
    make splinters end cover sloping roofs with them

  63. Sprelvita, JSC
    trade in building and finishing materials (wholesale and retail), installation of sold production (window sills, ladders, profiles, etc.)

  64. Standex sistemos
    handrails and stairs, roofs, PVC strip curtains, traffic doors, crashrails, corner guards, WC cubicles, partitions, aluminium profiles

  65. Stapsa, JSC
    flat and sloping roofs, building materials

  66. Statiniu apsiltinimo medziagos
    trade in building materials, warming of buildings

  67. Stogo dangu arsenalas, JSC
    import of coverings for roofs from Russia, restoration of roofs, consultations

  68. Talja
    walls, floor, mosaics, swimming pool, stoneware, industrial and glazed stoneware floor tiles, also – door locks, mechanical and electronic operated safes, profile cylinders, general key systems, electric locks and strikers

  69. Techneta, JSC
    wholesale trade in fixing details

  70. Teronis, JSC
    trade in building materials

  71. Trukme, JSC
    trade in plywood and building materials

  72. Ukmerges gelzbetonis
    concrete, ferro-concrete, solutions, construction, armature, building materials.

  73. Undena
    industrial and building paint

  74. Varadojus, "Cezar" representative in Lithuania
    building and finishing materials

    Vilkonda UAB exclusively manufactures parquet. VILKONDA UAB is the official representative of BONA in Lithuania.

  76. Vilmesta, JSC
    trade in building, finishing and roofing materials; electric wiring accessories and construction tools; design and construction of steel profile frame dwelling houses and pavilions

  77. Wilis ir kompanija, JSC
    trade in building materials, tools and accessories

  78. Zabudova, JSC
    building blocks and mixes, tile for roofs