Thursday, 25 April, 2019

BackBuilding machineryCategories
  1. A. Toleikis enterprise
    rent of the building equipment

  2. Abel GmbH
    production (pump)

  3. Altima
    rent of building mechanisms and equipment

  4. Andres Stiklas
    glass ware

  5. Arfekta, JSC
    belongings to a garden, building tools

  6. ASTS.LT
    equipment for processing concrete

  7. Balti tehnika, JSC
    selling, service and repair of construction and digging mechanisms

  8. Brukas

  9. Gitana, JSC
    professional tools

  10. Kasyba
    construction, outside engineering works, rent and repair of building equipment

  11. Leida, JSC
    rent, sale and repair of construction equipment

  12. Lithun, AB
    construction, concrete paving stones, road building and repairs, road transport services

  13. Mechanizmu nuomos centras, JSC
    roolers, excavators, loaders, compressores

  14. Metyz, JSC
    Kaunas fastener producting plant. Bolts, nuts, washers, wood screws, rivets

  15. NSM
    Association "Nerudines statybines medziagos"

  16. Panevezio keliai, JSC
    construction and assembling works, machinery and equipment leasing, selling of construction materials

  17. Silda
    equipment for colouring

  18. Statrentus, JSC
    sale and rent of the building equipment

  19. Vilmesta, JSC
    trade in building, finishing and roofing materials; electric wiring accessories and construction tools; design and construction of steel profile frame dwelling houses and pavilions

    Retail and wholesale trade of industrial equipment and machinery, logistic equipment, as well as scaffolds and concrete formwork moulds.