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  1. Class A
    official page of entrants of 2000 of Vilnius 9-th high school

  2. JA site
    video, photos and etc...

  3. Jakubauskas Simonas
    photos for catalogues, booklets and websites, reproduction, black-and-white and sports photos

  4. Jakubonis Marius
    programs, wallpapers

  5. Jankauskas Audrius

  6. Janusis Gediminas
    music, books about Hari Poter, actors, news

  7. Jarasunas Jonas
    caught fishes, art photos of a nature

  8. Jaroslavas
    about me, games, mIRC, photos

  9. Jarusaitis Aidas

  10. Jarutis Valdas
    photographer card

  11. Jonas
    humour, jokes, entertainments

  12. Jonas

  13. Jonas & Tadas
    mp3, abstracts, games, photos

  14. Jucius Petras

  15. Julijus Home Page
    political science, international attitudes, author's works and biography

  16. Julius

  17. Julius

  18. Jump
    photos, texts of songs, picture, guest book

  19. Juodis Arturas
    about me, photo, abstracts...

    links, money from Internet...

  21. Juska Mindaugas

  22. Justas C.
    jokes, games, photos

  23. Justas website
    dark sides of a present society...

  24. Justinas and Vainius
    programs, games

  25. JusTJusT
    Mr.Bean, graffiti

  26. Juzis
    information on my activity, the executed works and given services

    news, download, links

  28. Kaminskas Edgaras
    about sailing

  29. Karalyte Egle

  30. Karalyte Egle

  31. Karolis
    information on people which have lost sight

  32. Kasperaitis Darius
    statute, program, founders...

  33. Kaziukenas Ignas\ignas

  34. Keizik Alex
    personal website

  35. kElmas
    articles, games codes, useful links, chat

  36. kernel's homepage
    Programs, links, programming

  37. Kersyte Daiva

  38. Kiler
    foto and video

  39. Kirmis web
    programs, photos, abstracts

  40. Klanas Andrius
    about me and my friends

  41. Klebonaitė Loreta
    oeuvre, prose

  42. Kligys Augustas
    stories and pictures from the traveling

  43. Klimas Vilius
    music, Top10, information about mIRC, links, photos

  44. Kondratas Sigitas
    art and commercial photos gallery

  45. Kovarnis
    club of an alive history. Reconstruction of the soldier of X-XIII centuries

  46. Kriauneviciene Grazina
    patchworks, gallery, rates, orders...

  47. KrisV
    HTML, homeworks...

  48. Krivickas Andrius

  49. Krykas WWW
    SMS, mIRC, programs, links

  50. Krykas WWW
    SMS, mIRC scripts, programs

  51. Kubiliute Vaida

  52. Lakacauskas Arunas
    diagram, covers, humour

  53. Laura website
    card, calendar, CV...

  54. Legatas

  55. Lekeckas Kestutis
    information on clothes designer, design and tailoring service, collection

  56. Lescinskas Arturas

  57. Lijana site
    health and beauty, recipes, jokes, forum, links

  58. Limba Alvydas
    websites creation, advertising, design

  59. Linas
    games codes, figures, jokes, forum

  60. Linas
    entertainments, links, chat

  61. Linas
    musical page, mine mp3

  62. Linas
    methodical material on military subjects, abstracts, independent works

  63. Linas Tureikis
    works gallery

  64. Linkin Park
    news, biographies, articles, gallery...

  65. LinkoManija
    Overnet, EAC/APE Image

  66. Liubinas Vilmantas

  67. Lizardas
    astronomy, IRC, photos

  68. Loxu-zona
    melodies for phones "Nokia", links, chat

  69. Ludacris
    songs texts, wallpapers, photos

  70. Lukas
    SMS, games, programs

  71. Lynys
    family, leisure, hobbies, work

  72. Supermodel Jurgita from Lithuania
    Female models website, famous model Jurgita featuring bikinis models.