Thursday, 25 April, 2019

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  1. "Buy Amber"
    Amber shop, about amber

  2. Aleta
    linen textile, linen clothing, decorative ceramics, amber

  3. Amber Shop
    We offer wide assorment of products made of amber. Jewelry, necklaces, rings and more.

  4. Antikos namai
    pictures, bronze and marble sculptures, furniture, candlesticks

  5. Astromineralogical centre "Pars Fortunae"
    astromineralogical and astropsychological consultations, sale of natural minerals and crystals, costume jewellery

  6. Aukso rûmai, JSC
    jewellery and noble metals

  7. Darius ir Draugai (Darius and Friends)
    leather, ceramics and wood goods

  8. Eisiga, JSC
    leather and leather substitute haberdashery production

  9. Jewelry
    author's works (ornaments, tiny sculptures)

  10. Laikas
    e-shop (watches)

  11. Mažoji Indija
    east style goods shops

  12. Odita, leather salon
    automobile salons, accessories for motorcycles, leather clothes, furniture

  13. Samsung Watches

  14. Skalmantas
    manufacturer of different military products from leather and textile.

  15. Spalvotas lietus, JSC
    wholesale trade in umbrellas, advertising umbrellas

  16. Tik Dovanos, JSC
    various business souvenirs. Advertising

  17. Vilnius antiques shop
    Russian icons, candlesticks, crosses, wooden sculptures, samovars and other items

  18. Watch
    virtual watch shop, auctiones, advertisements, watch descriptions, advice on how to choose watch