Saturday, 23 February, 2019

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  1. Aplinkos inzinieriu grupe, JSC
    engineering consulting firm (designing, consultations)

  2. Aukuras
    club of wildlife management and cultural heritage in Sauliai

  3. Baltic Agricultural Run-off Action Programme

  4. BEIDS
    Baltic Environmental Information Dissemination System

  5. Biocentras, JSC
    environment clearing

  6. Center for Environmental Policy
    consultations concerning legal, economic and financial questions of environment protection; monitoring, audit and other services

  7. Coastal Research and Planning Institute
    news of the institute, projects, information about staff, etc

  8. Conservation of inland wetland biodiversity in Lithuania

  9. DDD information centre
    desinfection, desinsection, deratization

  10. Derta, JSC
    environment protection, engineering networks, water turbineer

  11. Dzūtra, JSC
    public utilities company, equipment for professionals

  12. Ekotakas
    reagents for drinking water treatment, for municipal wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering, reagents for industry, oily water clarification, inorganic reagents, machinery and equipment for wastewater treatment, filter fabrics

  13. Environment of Lithuania

  14. I.Shehovtsov's ecological research-and-production firm "Novator"

  15. Integrated Coastal Zone Management Information Zone
    projects, maps

  16. Kauno svara
    export of household and industrial waste products, manufacture of containers, welding works, automobile spare parts

  17. Lithuanian forest genetic resources
    methods of preservation of wood genetic resources in Lithuania, activity, projects, publications, maps of woods

  18. Ministry of Environment

  19. Natura 2000
    EU environment protection in Lithuania

  20. Sesupe river basin management project

  21. Taigi, JSC
    cleaning equipment, construction

  22. The Regional Environmental Center
    The REC’s mission is to assist in solving the environmental problems of Central and Eastern Europe

  23. Vinilija
    science-production firm