Monday, 22 April, 2019

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  1. Acappella

  2. Admita, UAB
    automobile security systems, autoelectronics, audio equipment

  3. Audio equipment perfection
    engineering modernization and helpful information

  4. Audio in the automobile
    installation of automobile audio systems

  5. Audioequipment
    scoring of actions, rent of the audioequipment

  6. Audiotonas, JSC
    manufacturer of AMC brand loudspeakers used for public address systems and for the background music systems. Wall, column, ceiling, sub bass and horn speakers.

  7. Audiotonas, JSC
    trade in professional audio and light equipment, development and installation of backgroung music systems for conferences and reports (JSC "Audiotonas" is an official representative of "Maxell" in Lithuania)

  8. Autonata, JSC
    automobile audio systems

  9. Bang & Olufsen
    communication equipment, audiosystems

  10. Bel canto, JSC
    trade in the audioequipment

  11. Buy CD
    films, music, games, programs

  12. CLAVIS
    the musical equipment for automobiles and houses, the signal system, the gas equipment

  13. Digituta - car audio, radar detectors, installing

  14. Melofanas

  15. Midiaudio
    electronic music equipment

  16. Radionics

  17. RAM & Ko, JSC
    audio- and videoequipment, computer engineering, mobile phones

  18. Remo televizija, JSC
    cable television, internet services, e-mail, sale of computers and home appliances

  19. Stage Technical Service

  20. Stage Technical Service
    show technology

  21. Stotas, JSC
    video- and audioequipment, home appliances, GSM phones, computers. Rest in Sventoji. Film-centre, internet cafe in Plunge

  22. Tamsta, audio
    trade in audio equipment and musical instruments; insonification, audio

  23. Thelonious
    second-hand CD, MC, LP

  24. Trajektorija, JSC
    wholesale and retail of video and audio equipment and telecommunications means

  25. Yamaha motorcycles in Lithuania
    professional and household audioequipment